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5 Degree Courses You Can Study Thanks to Your Foundation in Science

Published by on Aug 05, 2020, 12:05 pm

Are you currently stuck while deciding your after-SPM route? Maybe you already have a specific field you’re interested in, but unsure because, well, what if you make a big mistake in pursuing that? Will you waste your youth?

Not exactly, if you choose the foundation route.

When you pursue a foundation programme, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the specifics of your chosen field on a surface level. These specific subjects you learn then will help you to pursue a specific sub-field of your choice. It’s a win-win situation – not only foundation programme is extremely short (it’s only a year), there will be a wide range of degree courses related to your field available for you to continue your venture.

What are the degree courses foundation in Science students can pursue?

So today, we’ll be looking into 5 degree courses foundation in Science students can pursue with and here are some of the typical foundation in Science subjects you can expect to study. University may also offer more focused subjects that are specific to your intended degree.

Why choose foundation among all the other pre-u programmes available?

  • Quickest pathway to enter degree - Foundation in Science courses are 12 months long, which is a faster route to enter degree compared to other pre-u programmes.
  • Gives you a head start on your degree - A Foundation in Science programme prepares you for the basics of your chosen field, emphasizing on specialized subjects and modules that will prepare you for your science degree.
  • Universities offer better scholarships for foundation programmes - Compared to other pre-u programmes, you may find that some universities offer more generous scholarships for their foundation courses.

Where can you pursue a foundation in Science programme?

There are plenty of universities across Malaysia that offer foundation in Science programme, in both public and private sectors. But if there’s one that could offer you an absolute experience of a science course, it’s definitely Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College.

With 20 years in healthcare education, Ramsay is one of Malaysia’s top healthcare college due to their hands-on clinical experience in their group of internationally recognized hospitals guided by experienced Clinical Instructors. Ramsay is also fully equipped with an abundance of training and procedure rooms alongside labs and classrooms.

Interested to join the science field? Then don't forget to apply to Ramsay’s September 2020 intake right here and start your exciting venture with Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College!

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