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5 Careers You Can Pursue in the Aviation Industry

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 18, 2020, 09:36 am

Ever been in an airport just to be in awe of the pilots and cabin crew passing you by? We get it. There has always been a certain level of prestige and “coolness” with those kinds of jobs so for most of us, being part of the aviation industry sounds like a dream come true!

Hence why when it comes to the word “aviation”, we often think about flying an aircraft or serving the passengers onboard. Which is true, but it is also more than that!

You see, aviation revolves around mechanical flight and the aircraft industry. And a diploma or a degree in this industry can certainly lead you to various lucrative careers that you may have not imagined. Let’s see, shall we?

Aircraft Electrical Installer/Technician

An aircraft electrical installer or technician is responsible for the installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the complex electrical systems in the aircrafts. Such systems include lighting, landing gear, pilot instrumentation and ignitions systems. Aircraft electrical technicians perform safety checks and ensure these systems are kept in order.

This aircraft technician is in charge of safety checks!

When system malfunctions happen, these technicians are responsible to diagnose them and repair defective components. Special training is necessary for an individual to master this job.

Expected salary: RM3,590

Flight Instructor

Flight instructors teach students how to fly aircrafts through classroom simulator and live flight instruction. They use ground-school classes to teach students the basics of flying an aircraft and help them with their written test that they have to sit in order to get their pilot’s license. Other than textbook education, simulators and dual-controlled aircraft are often used by instructors to acquaint students with the experience of flying an aircraft.

Flight instructors teach future pilots how to fly responsibly

Most flight instructors have either Commercial Pilot Certification or Airline Transport Pilot Certification before becoming Certified Flight Instructors.

Expected salary: RM6,400

Logistics Manager

Logistics managers supervise the supply chain of an organisation. They decide on the purchase of products as well as distribution of products. They are responsible to schedule inbound and outbound shipments, oversee the importing and exporting process of a product as well as direct the flow of materials and products in an organisation.

The logistics manager keeps everything intact!

Logistics managers often work in warehouses to overlook the supply chain of an organisation. To excel in this position, critical problem-solving and strong organisational skills are required.

Expected salary: RM6,600

Aeronautical Engineer

In short, aeronautics is the study of the science of flight. It is the method of designing an airplane or other flying machine. Aeronautical engineers use their knowledge in aeronautics to improve flight safety and fuel efficiency, as well as reduce costs and address the environmental impact of air travel. Occasionally, when flight accidents happen, they are responsible to investigate the causes of plane crashes.

Does this engine spark your interest to know more? Aviation may be the path for you!

Other than strong mathematical and analytical skills, creativity and innovative thinking are required in aeronautical engineers as they need to keep up to date with recent technological developments.

Expected salary: RM6,890

Crew Controller

Most people purchase flight tickets at their desired time, but have you ever wondered who schedule flights for pilots and flight attendants? Crew controllers. Crew controllers are part of the flight operation team. They check the legality of proposed flights in regard to duty time and crew qualification. They monitor planned and real-time flight schedule as well as ensuring that airlines travel policy is cost effective.

Flights literally cannot function without crew controllers.

To become a crew controller, one must have excellent communication and teamwork as well as ability to multi-task. They must also have fast problem-solving skills as flight schedules change from time to time.

Expected salary: RM5,770

I’m interested in this industry, but where should I start?

Located in Sepang district, ADMAL Aviation College offers Diploma in Aviation Management with Private Pilot License for students who are interested in the aviation industry. Upon completion of the programme, students can further pursue their career in either flight operation or piloting.

Within the branch of flight operation, students can work in aviation finance, crew control management, ground handling operation or logistic & warehouse management. On the other hand, with the Private Pilot License (PPL), students can also further pursue Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Airline Transit Pilot License (ATPL).

Without any doubt, the aviation industry offers you various unusual lucrative careers.

If you are considering pursuing your study in aviation, go for it! There are so many wonders of aviation for you to explore.

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