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10 Courses that Guarantee Good Jobs in 5 years

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 18, 2021, 12:42 pm

There are thousands of courses out there to pick from when it comes to your choices after SPM. However, not all courses are created equal. Some courses are demanded higher than others in various industries. The following is a list of degrees that will guarantee a job after graduation.

1. Engineering


There are various types of engineering out there. Each has its own demand and industry. However, skills and knowledge pay an extremely important role.

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2. IT/Computer Science & Data analysis and Security

computer science and data analysis

The field of computer science and information technology is vast and deep. An individual that dives into this field has to have the skills and equipment to succeed. The specialisations within are many and they range from basic programming to artificial intelligence and machine language and learning.

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3. Accounting


It is a profession of skills that deals with large numbers and important aspects of business in various industries. Every industry needs accountants and specialists in areas like taxation, payroll, auditing, investments and more.Click here to read Here are 10 reasons to study accounting

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4. Language and communication

language and communication

Language and communication programmes cover many areas, such as interpretation, journalism, broadcasting, public relations and business. There are great opportunities in this field.

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5. Telecommunications


Mobile technologies are the future. People now spend a majority of their personal time on their mobile devices sending and receiving a massive amount of data through communication towers and satellite communications.

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6. Law


Much like accountants, lawyers are highly demanded in all industries. There are also all sorts of specialties within law like contract law, business law, real estate law, construction law, industrial relations and various other specialties.

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7. Sales and marketing

sales and marketing

While many people in sales and marketing have may have different degrees and come from different backgrounds, a marketing degree is much more than just dealing with sales and advertising. It is more about assessing customer behaviour and maintaining brand image. It has also evolved to reach the online world. In fact, many countries have recorded a massive growth in online marketing and advertising. In 2020, the US anticipates that online marketing will generate $93.5 billion dollars in revenue.

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8. Medicine and healthcare

medicine and healthcare

Many people still think of studying medicine in terms of social status and association. There is also the sense of respect and prestige in becoming a doctor or a dentist. Additionally, the healthcare industry needs other professions like nursing, lab technicians, patient care and other areas.

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9. Pharmacy


Studying pharmacy allows graduates to work in various related industries. Additionally, hospitals need pharmacists. The field has also expanded to biomedical sciences and biotechnology.

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10. Teaching and education

teaching and education

The profession of teaching and education, whether it is early education or higher education, is changing and teachers are always needed in the public and private education.

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