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What is the Salary of Writer, Journalist and Other Media Personnel in Malaysia?

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 17, 2020, 12:16 pm

A career in the media industry is something many with the creative bug have, at the very least, contemplated when deciding what to study after finishing school. That might have something to do with the sheer numbers of youngsters interested in media  – with a staggering 90% of young Malaysians between the ages of 15-24 consuming both traditional and digital media in 2017 according to Nielsen. 

For anyone considering a career in media however, one question that constantly plays on the mind is how much they would earn:

Salary by job Description

Photographer: RM3,000.00

Presenter (Video, Radio): RM4,800.00

Section Editor (Lifestyle Editor, Sports Editor): RM5,000.00

Writer/News Reporter: RM3,250.000

Sub-Editor: RM6,250.00

Management Editor (Editor-in-chief, Managing editor, Executive editor): RM8,500.00

Salary by Years of Experience

The Institute of Journalists Malaysia took a detailed look at salaries of writers/journalists working in media of different languages, taking into account those in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese media. 

Writer’s Salary (English Media)

  • 0-2 years: RM2,640.67
  • 3-5 years: RM4,294.00
  • 6-10 years: RM4,763.91
  • 11-20 years: RM5,115.75

Writer’s Salary (Bahasa Malaysia)

  • 0-2 years: Unavailable
  • 3-5 years: RM3,407.78
  • 6-10 years: RM3,432.00
  • 11-20 years: RM3,453.75

Writer’s Salary (Chinese Media)

  • 0-2 years: RM2,332.00
  • 3-5 years: RM2,292.37
  • 6-10 years: RM2,954.90
  • 11-20 years: RM3,456.80

The report also shed light on the difference in salaries between men and women. In a detailed comparison, females on average earn more than their male counterparts in the media industry in the 0- 2 years, 6-10 years and 11-20 years’ experience brackets. Males with 3-5 years of experience however, earned more than females.

  • 0-2 years
  • Male: RM2,276.00
  • Female: RM 2,654.60
  • 2-5 years
  • Male: RM 3,500.67
  • Female: RM3,385.86
  • 6-10 years
  • Male: RM3,791.86
  • Female: RM4,120.72
  • 11-20 years
  • Male: RM3,800.40
  • Female: RM4,070.00

With such a detailed look into the salaries of those in the media industry, it does help aspiring creative individuals gain a better insight into what awaits them should they traverse the media path. 

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