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What Am I Going To Do With An English Major?

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 06, 2020, 11:27 am


In this day and age, it seems like every single job is contemplating for a math, science or technology degree holder. Even so, if you immensely prefer writing or reading than using the Pythagoras’ theorem, you might find yourself pondering the question, “What am I going to do with an English major?”. If you have ever wondered that, we’re pleased to enlighten you that there are ample of jobs you can do with an English major out there.

Public relations specialist

Public relations practitioners need to tell compelling stories about clients or colleagues which will capture the attention of the media and generate placement with a magazine, newspaper, website, television or radio station. English majors will have a refined sense for storytelling and the creativity and writing skills to convey these messages.

Salary range: RM 5k – 7k



Journalists must be able to identify stories, conduct interviews, analyze facts and convey their findings into an easily digestible format. As we know that earning an English degree requires intensive writing skill, but not only that it also requires critical thinking and analyzing skills to form clear arguments and conveying them later on.

Salary range: RM 3k – 8k

Content marketing manager

Content marketing managers have the challenging task of promoting a business through content and stories. Apart from being stellar writers, they need to be able to manage creative resources and find the most effective ways to use words as a promotional tool. This role requires a brand publisher mind-set that will appeal to and engage with their readers.

Salary range: RM 8k – 12k

Sales manager

To close a sale, outstanding communication and persuasion skills you learned will come in handy and help you work your way up to becoming a top sales manager. Sales managers job responsibilities can include setting sales goals, analyzing data and developing training programs which requires presenting information and conveying it easily to your team.

Salary range: RM 9k – 14k

Social media manager

Social media managers need the kind of creativity possessed by English majors to devise strategies to promote an organization through social media outlets. They write proposals for staffs to consider and explain their ideas to them in order to draw consensus. They also need to choose bloggers and content developers with whom to affiliate and they need to manage these relationships.

Salary range: RM 6k – 8k

You can do a lot more than just being an English teacher or lecturer...

Students should pursue their personal interests as much as they can during higher education and find careers that will allow them to continue embracing those interests. So don't drop your bundle on being an English major. This degree will aid you with pretty much any job you desire. And you can persist to do what you love!

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