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TalentCorp identifies 6 critical industries in Malaysia

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 18, 2017, 12:50 pm

Understanding the specific skills that are in demand by key industries can help you select a course of study and a career path.Most of the sectors and jobs identified can transcend and industry, which means you can work anywhere! 

1. Electrical and Electronics

electrical and electronics

Engineering consists of many fields such as Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Software Development  -  Image via Pixabay

Engineering as a career have always been in-demand. In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Electrical Engineers– Product Engineers– IC Design Engineers

Electronic Engineers-Semiconductors Engineers-RF Engineers-Wafer Fabrication Engineers

Software Developers– Software Design Engineers– Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Engineers

2. Information and Communication Technology & Global Business Services (ICT & GBS)


Those who studies ICT has the freedom to work in any company from any field - Image via Pixabay

Graduates of ICT may find themselves working in any company they wish! In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Graphic and Multimedia Designers  –Web Designers– 3D Modellers– Visual Effects Artists

Applications Programmers–Computer Programmers– Java Programmers– C/C++ Programmer

Systems Analysts– Computer Analysts– Business (Information Technology) Analysts– SAP Consultants

3. Accounting


Being an accountant is a demanding job in Malaysia regarding the current economy- Image via Pixabay

With the economy as it is, there will never be a lack in demand for accountants! In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Finance Managers – Finance Directors– Financial Controllers

Accountants– Auditors– Tax Consultants

Financial Analysts– Fraud Specialists– Transfer Pricing

4. Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Malaysia will be needing more specialists in the oil and gas sector due to its depleting natural resources - Image via Pixabay

Despite the decrease in global oil price, there will still be a demand for this power reserve sector. In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Geologists and Geophysicists– Petroleum Geoscientists– Reservoir Geologists

Industrial and Production Designers– Automation Design– Electrical Engineers– Reliability Engineers– Process Development Engineers (Moulding)

Mechanical Engineers– Mechanical Design Engineers– Facilities Engineers– Mechanical Maintenance Engineers

5. Financial Services

Financial Services

Jobs you can work in financial services include Finance Managers, Financial and Investment Advisors and Financial and Investment Advisors - Image via Pixabay

With the world becoming smaller, you will need to have a good head for figures. In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Finance Managers– Tax Managers– Credit Risk Managers

Financial and Investment Advisors– Client Relationship Managers– High-net-worth Client Advisors

Securities and Finance Dealer and Brokers– Forex Traders– Fixed Income Traders

6. Telecommunications and Multimedia

Telecommunications and Multimedia

These days, it is difficult to go anywhere without your smartphone so careers in communication and multimedia would be a high demand - Image via Pixabay

Human beings are in constant need for relationships and communication. In the future, Malaysia will need more:

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services Managers– Network Strategists– Technology Strategists

Mathematicians, Actuaries and Statisticians– Data Scientists– Predictive Analysts– Data Mining Analysts

System Administration– Information Systems Maintenance Engineers– Cloud Computing Solution Architects

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