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Fields to explore if you get a Media and Communications degree!

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 17, 2021, 04:31 pm

Communication majors typically work in media corporations and organizations, although the profession of communication includes numerous sides and areas of possibility beyond traditional careers. The following are a few examples.



Professionals in this field generate public-facing media that supports the organization's overall goals. Advertisements, news releases, and public awareness campaigns are examples of this. Market research, advertising and promotions, and social media management are all examples of corporate marketing careers for communication degrees.


Careers in communications in film and television include both creative and commercial or marketing-oriented roles. Some creative jobs, such as directing, producing, and video editing, intersect with photography. Media professionals are also used by the television and film industries to promote current and upcoming productions.


Whether it is a fashion spread or a photo essay for non-profit work, photographers use images to communicate. Graphic design tasks can also be found in the field of photography. Animation, illustration, and other occupations that use visual aspects to convey crucial information are examples of photography-related communication major jobs.



To communicate essential information to the public, both national and local news organizations rely on qualified communications and media professionals. This work entails producing broadcast news segments, conducting investigations, and writing articles for blogs and online publications. Original reporting or the development of high-level editorial strategy are two examples of news-related occupations in communication.

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