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Careers You Can Pursue with a Law Degree

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 13, 2020, 10:51 am

Let’s face the reality, not everyone who burns the midnight oil to get a law degree will actually end up becoming a high-flying lawyer. For many of us, we might have drawn into law because it’s one of those ideal careers every parent fantasizes their child to take up. Or simply because we binge watched one too many episodes of Law and Order.

But what happens if the thought of ‘being a lawyer isn’t the right career for me’ crosses your mind later on? Does that mean you’ve wasted all those years on a degree you’re not going to pursue with? No worries we’re here to tell you what else can you do with a law degree other than being a lawyer!

Management consultant

  • A management consultant is critical to help a company run their business more effectively and efficiently. Management consultants also work with law firms by extending a series of frameworks, models, systems and techniques to allow lawyers to enhance their practices. This consists of accounting, organizing, bookkeeping, human resources and a whole host of other issues that everyday law practices face.
  • Salary range – RM 6k to RM 8k

Legal writer

  • There are two types of legal writers. The news writer and the brief writer. The news writer will report or analyse on any current event issues that deal with the law, from a murder trial to a political scandal to legal troubles for a multinational corporation. The brief writer, meanwhile, will conduct research and draft legal documents, such as briefs, motions and memorandums, for clients.
  • Salary range – RM 4k to RM 6k


  • This position performs legal work that the lawyer needs to prepare him or her for their case. Since paralegals take on much of the legwork, they require substantive knowledge of the law and legal procedures, which is attained through the law degree. Being a paralegal is a rewarding and critical position in any law office, corporation or governmental agency. You still have a career in law, but you don’t have the pressure that a typical lawyer faces.
  • Salary range – RM 3k to RM 5k

Policy analyst

  • Policy analysts are integral to legislative bodies, large corporations and non-profit organisations. These professionals will devise policies, provide advice to legislators or senior management and brief individuals close to the matter. Another facet is gathering data and using research to either better understand or persuade public opinion.
  • Salary range – RM 6k to RM 9k


  • As a lecturer you will be teaching academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing a law degree, teaching the theories, requirements and criteria of the curriculum. Many universities will also refer to graduate students in law departments as sessional lecturers.
  • Salary range – RM 5k to RM 10k

We aren’t trying to instill that you’ll be miserable being a lawyer, in fact many lawyers love their jobs and are extremely passionate about it despite being in practice for years. If anything, it demonstrates the versatility of a law degree and that studying law doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be spending your working life battling out cases in court or drafting contracts all the time.

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