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Careers that You Can Pursue with a Degree in Mathematics

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 26, 2020, 10:05 am

Back in SPM, many often joke about how pointless it is to study Additional Mathematics. Well, here’s the catch. Did you know that Mathematics degree is actually one of the most valuable degrees? From banking to engineering, a degree in Mathematics can lead you to various lucrative career opportunities.

Data Scientist

Data scientists, or commonly known as statisticians, are responsible to collect data and turn them into usable meaningful insights. They analyse data and apply mathematical models to solve real-world problems in various fields such as business, engineering and healthcare. The demand for data scientists is already high right now, yet it is expected to grow further by 33% in the near future. Besides, data scientist was also ranked as the best job in America on Glassdoor from 2016 to 2019.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,700/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM125,000/year


Actuaries evaluate financial risks for businesses. Other than insurance and pensions, actuaries can also work in banking, healthcare and investment. By using their knowledge of business and economics as well as their understanding of applied mathematics, actuaries provide financial, commercial and strategic advice to their clients. To become an actuary, you will need to acquire the professional qualification in addition to your degree.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,000/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM300,000/year


Economists are responsible to conduct research, collect data, monitor economic trends as well as develop economic forecasts. You may work at a research institute and research the economy for policy reasons, or you may work for a business and help them to optimise their profits. The job demand for economists is expected to increase post-pandemic as companies need professional advices to determine their directions in the near future.

Average Monthly Salary (Entry-Level): RM4,000/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM101,000/year

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts help organisations to develop better systems and operational procedures by using analytical methods. Their duties often include interviewing managers and staff to gather data, analysing them and developing models to solve problems. The ultimate goal is to help businesses and organisations operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Average Starting Salary (Entry-Level): RM4,000/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM101,000/year

Software Engineer

Although engineering is a less typical math career, maths degree holders can often secure a job in engineering firms. The most relevant engineering branch for maths degree graduate is probably software engineering. Software engineers often have to apply scientific and mathematical principles to create computer software to solve problems. Other than IT firms, software engineers are also employed in the sectors of manufacturing, financial as well as public utilities.

Average Starting Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,000/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM141,000/year

Research Mathematician

From algebra to topology to mathematical biology, research mathematicians conduct original research which could further develop our understanding of numbers. Other than proving abstract theorems or developing mathematical principles, researchers also conduct applied research to develop intelligence about business trends. They are commonly employed by private or government research laboratories, commercial manufacturing companies and universities.

Average Starting Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,300/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM60,000/year


Accountancy is undoubtedly a prestigious career with lots of job opportunities and high earning potential. Examples of accountancy jobs are auditor, tax accountant, forensic accountant and corporate advisor. They are employed across various industries and types of organizations. If you wish to become a chartered accountant, you will need further professional qualifications in addition to your Maths degree.

Average Starting Salary (Entry-Level): RM2,930/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM102,000/year


With a degree in Mathematics, you may further acquire a formal teaching qualification and become a teacher in primary or secondary schools. As numeracy is highly prioritised in our education systems, teachers in the related subjects are highly sought-after. If you wish to teach in higher learning institution, you should consider pursuing a postgraduate degree. Aside from managing classroom work, you may also work on your own academic research at the same time as a university lecturer.

Average Starting Salary (Entry-Level): RM3,485/month

Highest Potential Salary (Senior Level): RM86,000/year

Other than the professions mentioned above, a degree in Mathematics can also lead you to exciting job opportunities overseas or in multinational companies. Rare jobs such as Aerospace Engineer and Astronomer often welcome graduates with Maths degree as their mathematical skills are highly valued.

A degree in Mathematics is definitely not easy. However, all these lucrative job opportunities that a maths degree could lead you to will definitely worth all the hard work you have put in!

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