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Careers that are perfect for Quiet People

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 23, 2012, 06:07 am

Are you someone who enjoys solitary activities such as reading and writing? Or you prefer to limit your time to the most interesting person you know? Do you prefer working with ideas versus people?If the answer is "yes" to all these questions, most likely you have a quiet personality. It's a usual misconception that people with a quiet demeanor hate being around people. The truth is, it's just that they have more energy and concentration when being alone.

In certain occupations, your quietness can be your advantage. A particularly valuable aspect of a quiet person is that they tend to think out loud, observe a lot, focus and analyse.

According to Laurence Shatkin, a career expert, "People who are quiet might focus on data and things, rather than people, so there are some occupations [in which] they might be abe to do a better job."

Here are careers in Malaysia that let your quiet attributes do the talking!


Here's a career that requires you to pay attention to events, people, facts, and ideas. Athough it is a job that doesn't require you to be entirely alone, you will need some quiet time to collect your thoughts, check references, and put them down to paper.

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Presently, the public and private sectors in Malaysia are encouraging more youths to convey their ideas and opinions through writing competitions. Malaysian English language writers are also being given recognition and even awards not only to appreciate their efforts but to encourage more writers to come forward.


If you're good at numbers, balancing spreadsheets and preparing taxes then being an accountant could be just right for you. Typically accountants work with numbers, paperwork, computers and not as much with people. This work requires focus on details hence keeping quite as well as working in a quiet environment is essential to avoid mistakes.

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As Malaysia navigates towards becoming a high income nation, more chartered accountants are needed to drive the country’s economic growth. Whether it is a small firm or big conglomerates, accountants are always required. Currently, we have over 28,000 accountants and that number is expected to double by 2020.

Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer allows you to express yourself through images than words. This job entails you to understand as well as listen well to your clients' needs when it comes to the messages they want conveyed with the graphic. Moreover, a graphic designer spend a good amount of time figuring out the best way to use colours, textures, images, text fonts, and layouts to ommunicate ideas effectively. 

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In Malaysia, students studying fine arts in universities are being urged by government to become entrepreneurs. This is to help support arts and culture and loans like Tekun and Bank SME will be made available to graduates of this field. 

Market Research Analyst

If analysing data and research gets you going then being a market research analyst might be a good option. This career tend to work more behind the scenes, conducting research and doing analysis. It's basically a job that requires a lot of time by yourself which is exactly better for a quiet person.

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Information is an economic commodity and those who have it are better in making informed decisions. As world econonmies become volatile, many companies will be needing the help of market researchers/analysts to navigate through this uncharted paths safely.

Software Developer

A solitary time with a computer could be a dream come true for any introverted technie. Software developers usually work by themselves in the world of ideas. Although there are certain times they will need to work with a team, it is usually those quiet moments they get to contemplate and create the best ideas.

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The demand for ICT professionals in Malaysia is growing and ICT jobs are in higher demand such as software development managers, lead software developers, Unix specialists, senior system engineers, IT managers, websphere application developers, system engineers, network administrators and helpdesk analysts. Average salary rose 10.9% to RM6280 in 2011 while average entry-level had a significant rise from a minimum of RM1,800 to RM2,238.


Appearing quiet and sometimes vulnerable can be great for various human-service-oriented jobs such as counseling or therapy because it makes other people to open up to you more. This job entails you to read critically as well as listen and observe your patients to draw a better analysis of his needs and problems.

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According to Malaysia's Mental Health Advisory Council, there’s a need for training for more psychiatrists and psychologists for hospitals and clinics. Currently in Malaysia, the ratio of clinical psychologists in the Ministry of Health (MOH) to population is 1:980,000. The ratio of psychiatrists to population should be about 1:125,000.

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