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All you need to know about UPU 2017 -- tips, application dates

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 17, 2017, 12:02 pm

For students who have completed their SPM, diploma, matriculation, STPM and the like, waiting for UPU applications to open can be agonising. Who doesn’t want to further their studies to a university level? But, hold on there, cowboy, you need to learn to walk, before you can even attempt to fly.With that, we at afterschool.my, thought it would be wise to share come crucial tips, to ensure that even those who’ve performed extremely well in their exams don’t become over confident, and have the best preparation possible before applying, so read on.Did you know that every year, thousands of applicants are rejected, even though they've scored exemplary results in SPM? Quite a pickle, isn’t it? Therefore, let’s talk about some crucial tips first.

 1.Adhere to the specific requirements of the programme you applied forFirst things first, the general requirements for admission into a Public Institution of Higher Learning (IPTA) is:

  • A minimum of 5 credits (including History & BM)

However, certain courses have its own specific requirements, so it would be wise to double-check and cross reference your results with them, before applying.

 2. When applying to a popular courseThis all boils down to common sense. If you apply to a popular course (namely teaching, medicine & engineering), the competition is going to be tighter than the difference in lap times of Formula 1 cars on tracks of Sepang. If you pick one of the courses  listed above, there will be stiff competition from others who may be better than you (think Lewis Hamilton). On top of that, the quota for seats (Think of how there are only TWO seats on the Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team) is extremely limited, so many applicants have to be turned down based on merit.Okay, you're fine with that ,but hold on a second I hear you say. My friend who scored lower than me got accepted into a course and I didn’t? How is that possible? Well, it’s important to remember, that there are (8 for SPM, 12 for STPM) slots for you to fill in with the courses you’re interested in. Think of this as other teams on the Formula 1 paddock. You’re so set on joining Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari that you only apply to them. Your friend though? He applies to all the teams. What happens? He gets a seat on a team and you don’t. Same thing applies to UPU applications. Once applications are closed, the folks over at UPU grade you based on merit, for all the courses you applied for, from 1 to 8. You, having your heart set on engineering, didn’t bother to list down any other courses in the remaining 7 slots. It’s fine to dream big and hope to drive for the scarlet Red of Ferrari, but remember to apply to other courses as well. You may not get a seat on the Ferrari team, but hey, at least you’re racing. 

3. Declining an offer and re-applying though an online appealYou get an offer from UPU, but it’s not that one you wanted. What do you do? You summon all your bravado and decline it, like the boss that you are, then proceed to reapply via an online appeal. If this is you, I’ve got bad news buddy, so I hope you’re sitting down for this one.Online appeals are only open to the students who weren’t offered a place at all. So, if you have your heart set on studying at an IPTA, then take your ego, put it in a bag, throw it away, and accept the offer. Did you know that once you’re enrolled in an IPTA, you can try to request for a change of course? There are requirements of course, and it’s subject to approval, but the option is still there. Just get your foot in the door first, instead of being stuck outside in the cold rain.4. The interviewYour there early, all dressed up for you interview (which usually happens for popular courses), and then someone sitting next to you tells you that if you fail at the interview stage, your application will be rejected (Which is true). Then your palms become sweaty, knees become weak, arms become heavy. The only thing bigger than you’re growing fear is the sweat stain underneath your armpit.Relax, take deep breaths, and just be yourself. Be confident and just show the interviewers the real you, while also being up-to-date with current issues (That are relevant of course. Odds are the interviewers won’t want to know about Paul Pogba’s new haircut). Application dates for UPU 2017As promised, we will now reveal when you can apply for UPU this year. (Drum roll please). Applications will be open from 6 February 2017 at 12pm and will stay open until 31 March 2017at 11.59pm. So why don’t you input that into your phone’s calendar, something you may not have known to exist, to begin with.  So now you know when, but what about the how? How do you apply? 

Step OneRight after UPU applications are open, rush out and buy a UPU pin number at any Bank Simpanan Nasional branch near you. Don’t want to wait in line? Have a morbid fear of lines (Probably stemming from maths)? Fret not! You can also buy it via a BSN ATM, or SMS banking (exclusively for GIRO account holders only). Never give your number to anyone. You’ll have to fork out another RM 15.64 including GST if you do. Also, amidst the rush, do note that there are two categories of pin numbers, based on your qualification. There’s one for students who finished SPM, and one for those who’ve finished STPM, Matriculation, Asasi UiTM, UM, KPM & STAM. So be fast, but be accurate as well.

Step TwoYou’ve got your UPU pin number (The right one I hope)! After jumping on the couch in your hall and doing a dance when no one was looking, it’s time to log into the official web portal. Want to get a headstart though? Well, the UPU online application system will only be activated on the dates mentioned above, so you’ll have to wait. First time applicants will have to register as a user onUPU online before submitting their applications, and they won’t need a unique ID number for that. 

Step ThreeFill in those applications, ensuring you make a wise choice and avoid the common pitfalls that befall many applicants. All the best! 

Step 4

There isn’t one, you’re done!

 For more information, you can always check on updates through UPU’s official Facebook accountoronline web portal. Still have a few doubts? Well you can alwaysdrop us a question, anytime of the day. All the best to all applicants!

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