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6 Courses that will Guarantee You Jobs Post-Covid-19

Published by Afterschool.my on Sep 08, 2020, 01:50 pm

The pandemic has unfortunately caused an economic turmoil in Malaysia. Earlier in May, Malaysia had hit the highest unemployment rate in 30 years at 5.3%. Fresh graduates are finding it challenging to secure a job, especially many of them have not had any work experience yet.

Thankfully, there is still a silver lining in this challenging time. If you have not decided which field to pursue, here are 6 courses that will still guarantee you jobs post-Covid-19.

#1 Nursing

It is perhaps not surprising that nursing is on top of the list. Nursing shortage issue in Malaysia is nothing new. The ideal nurse-to-patient ratio as recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO) is 1:200, whereas in Malaysia, the ratio is only 1:302 (Source: FMT 2019). The demand for nurses, which had always been high, is now even higher due to the pandemic.

Nursing is no easy job. It requires excellent communication skills, patience, empathy and high level of stress tolerance to master the job position. However, it is highly rewarding and fulfilling. If you have a big heart, this may be the path for you.

#2 Electrical and Electronics (E&E) Engineering

Previously in June 2020, SEMI Southeast Asia claimed that Malaysian electrical and electronics (E&E) landscape will remain robust in the near future.

In post-Covid-19, remote working, virtual learning and e-commerce are all on the rise. This leads to the high demand for E&E engineers. With the demand of smart manufacturing capabilities, automation and technological innovations, the E&E companies are definitely growing. Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) has also pointed out that circuit design engineers and electrical superintendent are critical.

If you enjoy testing circuits and troubleshooting or diagnose electronic malfunctions, you may be interested to pursue your study in the field of E&E Engineering.

#3 Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering is a relatively new field as compared to other engineering fields. It comprises the study of both electrical and mechanical systems, primarily focuses on robotics.

On the international level, mechatronics engineers are stepping up to invent life-saving medical devices and technologies. Think about creating disinfecting robots and AI to serve the patients - the possibilities in this field are endless.

If you are always in awe of robots and interested in creation of technology, this is definitely the path for you.

#4 Marketing

Marketing has always been an important field in business organisations. Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) where businesses were not allowed to open and customers were not allowed to go out, digital marketing has played an incredibly important role in helping businesses survive.

Customers’ behavioural and lifestyle changes are significant. People, regardless of age group, are adapting to digital shops and online bank transfer. This leads to a significant rise in the demand of digital marketing executives.

If you find maximising profits through sales strategies rewarding or you enjoy convincing others about a product or an idea, you should definitely go for marketing.

#5 Accounting & Finance

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has negatively impacted our nation’s economy. Many companies are struggling to move forward post-pandemic. This is where the professionals in the field of accounting and finance come into play.

Not just balancing sheets, accountants could help stakeholders to identify areas where productivity can be improved. As the definition of risks has changed significantly especially for the near future, finance professionals could also help companies to re-evaluate risks and develop strategy to help them getting back in business.

If you have strong analytical ability as well as interpersonal skills, getting into the field of accounting and finance is perhaps something you ought to consider.

#6 Computer Science

Before or after the pandemic, computer science remains one of the most important fields in the world. In fact, travel bans and lockdown orders imposed in different parts of the world have fostered the growth of the digital world.

From software developing to network engineering, professionals in the field of computer science are highly sought-after. The Association of Banks Malaysia (ABM) has also reported that professionals in cybersecurity are urgently in need to combat financial crimes. Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) has also claimed that the insurance industry is growing and focusing on digitalisation, data and analytics.

Wanting to know more about algorithms and how to integrate them in our daily lives? Looking for a high-demand job with high-paying salary? Consider computer science.

Are you a STPM/SPM leaver?

STPM leavers who are unsure about where their interests lie should definitely consider pursuing their degrees in these fields. SPM leavers who have already shown a keen interest in any of the field above can opt for diplomas. Compared to pre-university programmes, diplomas allow students to specialise their studies in these fields right after graduating from secondary schools.

To know more information about where and how you can begin your studies in these fields, visit this link here for further info.

To find out more about scholarships and courses, click here and here.

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