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How to Make a Resume like Elon Musk

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 12, 2017, 09:05 am

 The name Elon Musk has become synonymous with otherworldly excellence, a man with seemingly limitless brilliance, who we are all blessed to be able to witness change the world. One would imagine that his CV/resume then, would encompass tens of pages, perhaps even requiring a publisher, with his current and previous affiliations extensive. However, the folks over at Novorésumé have created one just for Mr. Elon Musk that proves that you never need more than one page.

Numerous tips and tricks can be picked up from this prime example of what a CV/resume should look like. Skills & Competencies, usually a grey area where fresh graduate usually rack their brains thinking of what to put down, is easily navigated by concisely listing them down, and even giving them a rating to boot. Honesty is key here, and Elon Musk, a known micromanager, lists that down, along with a dozen or so other skills that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. A unique skillset that sets him apart, which goes to show you that more thought should be put into this particular section of your personal CV.

His work experience is also micromanaged well, with the giant companies he’s managed in the past all mentioned, as well as his contribution in each, without dragging it on for too long. A distinct lack of too many colours, pictures and the like give room for the employer to gauge just what someone has accomplished so far, and what they could bring to the table. Employers will thank you!

To create a CV just like Elon Musk, you can head over to Novoresume.com. Their basic package is totally free, meaning you too can create the CV of your dreams!

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