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American Degree Programme


Form 6 (STPM)


1. Can I use my 2017 ADP certificate to apply for UPU next year under Lepasan STPM/setaraf kategori F? What is the possibility to get in? Should i use it to apply for diploma or degree? 2. How does STPM self study work? Will there be any course work, if yes, to whom should i turn it in? I'm 21 by the way. Do i need to have private tutor? What if i can't get a private tutor? 3. Can we transfer overseas credit to local universities? How and where can i do that? Which university allows me to do that (preferably government uni) or Can i use my 2017 ADP cert to apply for UPU under STPM/ setaraf (kategori F) if I'm not mistaken?

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