Wonder how you can reach your fullest potential?

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As remarkable as the Seven Wonders of the World, your wondrous mind is meant to satisfy its curiosity by ingesting new knowledge.

Wonder how creative content and online businesses are mastered?

Wonder how cybersecurity and laws function?

Find out the answers and hone your aptitude at Multimedia University, where the next aspirational individuals are built for a brighter tomorrow

Join us and be part of #MMUisYou Leading the Digital Future.

For more information, make an appointment with our friendly advisors at mmu.edu.my/book-an-appointment.

At MMU we have more than 100 industry-driven programmes that can answer all your wonders. Law, Creative Multimedia, and information technology have been our top programmes. Students can also choose from a range of courses offered by other faculties such as engineering, media arts, Business Management, Accounting, or Strategic Communication. Check out our list of programmes here:


MMU is offering various levels of international quality education ranging from foundation, diploma, degree, master, and PhD. These programmes offered are delivered physically or optionally, Open and Distance Learning (ODL). Check out our collaterals here:


We are happy to inform potential students that our intake is open three (3) time per year: March, July, and October. While postgraduate students can come and join us at any time throughout the year. Check out our intake page here:


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