Will SPM be postponed if more candidates were affected by COVID-19?

Published by on Feb 17, 2021, 04:38 pm

The past one week reported a huge number of COVID-19 positive cases involving SPM and STPM candidates. 41 candidates from Kelantan were confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, while 30 over candidates from Sabah were also found positive for COVID-19. Likewise, another report indicated that 86 SPM candidates from Pahang were placed under quarantine as one of the candidates was tested positive.

In Kelantan, the cases increased drastically due to Pangkal Changgong Cluster. The candidates were sent to quarantine centres as the state health department is making effort to trace those who had close or direct contact with the 41 candidates. Meanwhile in Sabah, the candidates were all required to undergo screening before they were allowed to go back to their hostels. However, the screening found some of them to be positive for COVID-19.

Those who were not affected by COVID-19 will be able to sit for the exam as set schedule. On the other hand, for those affected by COVID-19, they will be able to sit for the exam once the health authority declares them to be clear of the virus. The affected candidates will be given a different set of questions with the same level of difficulty as the other unaffected candidates.

While the SPM date has been set to 22 February this year, some of the candidates are upset as they believe that it is unfeasible and impractical to be sitting for a big exam that would be a deciding factor of their future amidst this pandemic. One of the main reasons candidates feel unprepared is due to their difficulty in following online lessons for the past one year. Nonetheless, the Education Department director general, Datuk Dr Habibah has clearly stated that SPM will not be postponed unless something inevitable happens.

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