Which Pre-U Programme suits you best?

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Finished your SPM, O-level, UEC or other qualifications and looking forward to explore higher education?

At Taylor’s College, there are multiple Pre-U programmes to choose from to help you get a head start on your education journey. 

The programmes offered include the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) International, Cambridge A Level, foundation programmes, and diploma programmes.

Read on to decide on what suits you best.

South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) International

The SACE International is a popular pre-university programme in Malaysia that opens the route for students to enrol in top universities worldwide. Students in the programme study 5 subjects throughout its duration and will learn to manage continual assessments for each topic.

SACE International is a Pre-U programme primarily focused on assessments and final examination

These continual college-based assessments account for up to 70% of the overall grade and each assessment is sent to the South Australian SACE Board for moderation. Students must maintain consistency in their studies while also paying attention to the final test, which accounts for 30% of their final score. 

The average length of the SACE International programme is 10 to 12 months. 

Cambridge A Level

For those seeking admission to prestigious universities around the world, particularly in the UK, or those seeking competitive degrees in medicine and pharmacy, the Cambridge A Level makes for an excellent choice as it is based on the UK education system. The programme is 100% exam-based and is split into two stages.

The first stage, Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level), forms the foundation of A-Level while the second stage covers more complex topics of the chosen subjects. Every phase counts for 50% of your final grade.

The typical duration of the Cambridge A Level programme is between 15 and 24 months.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification

One of the top credentials for aspiring accountants looking to stand out among their peers is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and Taylor's College provides high-school graduates with an accelerated path to earning it.

An ACCA certification enables you to establish yourself as a competent accountant on a worldwide scale, creating opportunities to launch successful careers both nationally and internationally.

This path is called the ACCA Foundation in Accounting (ACCA FIA), a one-year entry-level programme where students take their first step towards becoming capable accountants with a diligent and flexible mentality.

Foundation programmes

Pre-university level foundation studies give you the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue an undergraduate degree at Taylor’s University.

Foundation programmes are often chosen by students who have a rough idea of the industries they wish to enter as they graduate. For that reason, foundation programmes are designed to offer relevant subjects that match their interests. 

A foundation programme is an ideal option for those with a rough idea on what they want to study next. 

After completing the foundation programme within a year, you will be used to the rigours and demands of tertiary education before deciding to pursue a bachelor’s qualification. 

This includes both general study techniques (such as academic writing, time management and independent research) and an understanding of specialised topics pertinent to your field of study.

Taylor’s College has many foundation options for you to pursue including Foundation in Arts, Foundation in Science, Foundation in Business, Foundation in Computing, Foundation in Design, Foundation in Engineering and Foundation in Natural and Built Environments. 

Diploma programmes

While studying for a diploma at Taylor's College, you get to hone your learning skills while having access to a variety of educational pathways leading to more than 40 bachelor’s degree options. A diploma programme normally lasts between two to two and a half years, giving you ample time to properly understand your syllabus.

Taylor’s College offers diploma programmes that enhance your skill sets and knowledge.

The diploma programmes offered by Taylor’s College are created to equip students with the knowledge and abilities required by the various industries. Coursework contains practical components that enable students to have plenty of hands-on experience by the time they graduate. 

Taylor’s College offers Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business (DIB), Diploma in Communication (DICM), Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE), Diploma in Interior Design (DID) and Diploma in Information Technology (DIT).

Making the right choice

The programme you pick depends on your interests and career goals. Different programmes are better suited for different career paths. 

Foundation and diploma programmes are more focused on providing specific skills for career entry, while SACE International and Cambridge A Level are designed to provide a broad range of skills and knowledge as you prepare for university studies.

Choose Cambridge A Level if you want a UK qualification or SACE International if you wish for an Australian qualification. 

If you know the career path you want to take, a diploma is worth considering as it is recognised as an undergraduate qualification sufficient to enter the workforce.

On the other hand, a foundation programme lays out the essentials and background you'll need for your degree, which ultimately leads to a higher qualification than a diploma. 

If you are certain that you want to be an accountant, then the ACCA FIA is the programme you should look into.

If you are still unsure of what to study, taking a career quiz may help identify your interests and desired career path. School counselling services may also provide guidance on which courses best suit you based on your interests and goals.

Find the best Pre-U programmes at Taylor’s College.

For more information on the programmes offered at Taylor’s College, click here.

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