When Are SPM Results Going to Be Announced?

Published by on Feb 22, 2019, 06:19 am


CLICK HERE for the official date of SPM 2018 results!

Of course, with the end of SPM exams comes the anxious anticipation of the results. With SPM marking the end of the secondary school journey for students and the beginning of higher education, there is definitely a lot on the line. Hence, to ease your worries (just a little bit!) we’ll look back at the past years’ results as a way to estimate SPM 2018’s results day. Usually, the dates wouldn’t run too far apart each year.

Looking at the results dates of the previous years, the dates are very close together every two consecutive years. Hence, it is very possible that this year the date will be close to the middle of March! If you’re planning ahead while waiting for SPM results, why not begin your preparations now? Here’s a list of articles that can help you think about the next step!

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