What’s Next After SPM? (Searching For the Right University Course)

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 13, 2021, 10:05 am

Congratulations! You’re finally done with your journey through high school and are now ready to enter the next phase in life. So, what’s next after you’ve completed your SPM?

Like most school leavers, you probably have lots of questions such as, “What course should I take?” or “Which university should I go to?” Worry not!  Here are a few tips to help you find the right course and university.

Evaluate your options

There’re tones of options out there for you. Unlike your parents’ generation where choices were limited, you have different kinds of tertiary education options to pick from. Your options include STPM, A-levels, diploma or even a foundation course in a university.

There is no one perfect method, so make sure you do your research to learn the strengths, rigours, and benefits of each so that it would tie in with your career aspirations.

Like a lot of universities, Management and Science University (MSU) offers a wide range of pre-university courses that may be of interest to you. This includes both foundation and diploma programmes such as Accounting, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine amongst others.

The course, Diploma in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy, does not only open your eyes to the world of medicine but also lets you apply tried and tested knowledge into the medical world at large. You’ll be helping out those who are in need with what is currently available, which is both effective and reliable. That is so great, right?

Evaluate your ambitions and strengths

Once you’ve considered your opportunities, the next thing you’ll have to do is introspect your dreams and ambitions. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Is there any skill you may improve on or subject that you’re eager to learn more about? These are the sort of questions you need to answer truthfully and confidently before starting to find your ideal course.

After all, you wouldn’t want to enrol on a course you aren’t interested in or just because someone else wants you to. This course that you choose will stick with you for the next few years of your life, so you’ll need to make sure that the course is aligned with your interest and passion.

If you are still unclear of your passion, you can reach out to a guidance counsellor or take an online quiz. Jumping into a course while hoping that you will adapt to it may not work out too well. The perfect course for you should play on your strengths and be a great opportunity to highlight them. 

Narrowing down your choices (Yes…more research!)

Once you’ve figured out what your strengths are, you’ll want to look at how the university courses are made up in the various institutions. Consider the subjects offered and the kind of work you’ll be doing. Do you want something that offers practical and hands-on experiences?

Look through the subjects offered in each course because they’ll be a part of your overall course structure. If the sciences appeal to you, an option like MSU’s highly regarded Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at its International Medical School could be the perfect choice for you. The course spans five years. In the first and second year, your understanding of basic medical sciences is strengthened in preparation for the upcoming years that will focus on developing basic clinical skills and introducing you to the different specialties in medicine. This course is perfect for those who are passionate about helping others and making a personal impact on people’s lives.

Alternatively, what if you find the construction of certain technologies and advancements stimulating? You might find an engineering course that might interest you. MSU has a variety of engineering courses to satiate the grease monkey in you.

Wanna work on planes? Go for Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Do you fancy some bits and bytes? There’s Computer Engineering. Do you like to make sparks fly? Electric and Electronic Engineering will make it happen for you. Interested in making moving parts move? Gear up for Mechanical Engineering. No matter what your interests may be, MSU has you covered.

An option with options

Now, what if you have no clue of what direction you are heading towards? What if you only have a vague idea of the industry you wish to enter and have not quite made up your mind? You’ll then need to choose a course that would offer you various job opportunities once you graduate.

What if you just love science, for example, but the thought of being a doctor just isn’t for you. Hey, you’re in luck cause MSU has you covered. MSU offers a variety of Health and Life Science courses that may just be your perfect fit!

You have so many options to choose from such as Forensic Science, Food Service Technology, Sport Science, Midwifery, and so much more - there’s a fit for everyone.


Lastly, after you’ve found your dream course, you’ll need to consider your financial capacity. Do you have the finances to sustain your student journey? You’ll not only need money to cover your course but also your living expenses.

There are many financial aid options for tertiary studies, but you would need to (yes, you guessed it) do more research. There are institutions from government and private sectors that are willing to provide you with a scholarship or loan. Your very own university may also have some scholarships up for grabs. Keep in mind that a lot of scholarships and loans come with terms and conditions that will need to be met not only before you receive it but also during and after completion. Be sure to research thoroughly before you commit.

Take your time to narrow down your university option – private or public universities. Research your university options and choose the university that aligns with you and your interests. If you’re looking for a one stop hub for all your course needs, MSU is the place for you. Click here to find out more information on what MSU can offer you.

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