What Is The Cheapest Way To Earn A UK Degree?

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 16, 2023, 01:31 pm

Why is a UK degree highly desirable? 

You must wonder why students speak so highly of the UK, when the topic of studying abroad comes to surface.

For starters, many students aspire to gain a UK degree due to its highly inventive and challenging environment, which develops a students character into the best version of themselves. UK's education standards are highly renowned, with a rigorous approach to teaching and learning, along with contributions to cutting-edge research and innovation in a wide range of fields.

Due to UK's world-class educational status, international student also have a better chance of finding employment prospects wherever they go. 

Therefore, the value of a UK degree cannot be disputed. If someone asks you where you studied, and your answer is from a prestigious university in the UK, you will most likely raise a few eyebrows in the room. It’s unequivocal that earning a degree from the UK will give you a great status of achievement; one that will become a valuable asset for life.

We can’t completely cross out the quality of what local education has to offer. Nevertheless, due to the exceptional and standardized curriculum that a UK degree holds, they will continue to be engraved on the educational monument as being the greatest among the greats while standing in the eyes of the world. 

World-class Universities with a Wide Range of Courses

Do you know that In the UK, there are over 240 colleges and over 130 universities that provide over 50,000 undergraduate-level courses? With an array of fields to choose from; be it business, engineering, science, humanity, law, art, or healthcare— there must be one that can cater to what you’re looking for, no matter how niche or specific the field is. 

Unlock an Extensive Selection of Job Possibilities

A student who graduates with a UK degree is particularly desirable to employers and has an advantage over other candidates because of the top-notch standards that a UK degree holds.

Since the UK's curriculum always exceeds industry requirements, you will have better learning possibilities. Aside from that, graduates also believe they are better at problem-solving and possess superior interpersonal skills because they will have the opportunity to mingle around with so many different people from all different walks of life.

Decades of Outstanding Academic Reputation

The universities in the UK have consistently received high rankings in some of the most prestigious universities rankings in the world. UK universities continue to be ranked first in the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings despite Oxford and Cambridge having been established more than 800 years ago. This says a lot about the reputation of UK universities and their capacity to maintain their standards over the years. 

UK universities are also known for conducting cutting-edge research and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in various fields. Aside from its quality research, UK institutions offer a wide range of academic programmes that are recognized globally for their quality and boast a long history of producing successful alumni who have made significant contributions to their fields, adding to the institution's prestige.

Across the board, the combination of high-quality research, rigorous academic programmes, and reputable faculty results has helped UK universities maintain a strong reputation for academic excellence.

Graduation Immigration Route for International Students

One of the primary motivations for choosing to study in the UK is the potential for international students to find employment there following graduation. The UK provides students with a unique blend of academic and professional development opportunities, making it a desirable destination for postgraduate studies and career advancement.

Due to a new programme started in 2021, the Graduate Immigration Route enables international students to work in the UK for two years following graduation. Meanwhile, Ph.D. students are permitted to stay for up to three years after graduation. Thus, international students have the chance to broaden their professional horizons and improve their resumes in the UK, with countless opportunities under their belt.  

Which course should I study in the UK?

Up till this point, you have found out that the value of a UK degree can't be replaced. Now, you might be wondering:

Which path of studies should I follow?” 

There are numerous career options available for you to consider, some of it includes business, engineering, science, humanities, art, law, and medicine. But which of these professions is the best fit for you?

If there's already a goal in your mind and you have established your professional objectives, then you would already know the answer to that question by now. However, if your objective is to settle down with a career that will undoubtedly be in great demand for the ensuing decades, you should heavily focus on one industry right now: Information Technology (IT).

According to data from the international job portal Indeed, the demand for IT engineers in the UK has increased more quickly than that for any other profile in recent years:

This does not apply only to the UK, but we’re talking globally. Even in Malaysia, there are heaps of vacancies related to IT professions displayed on every job sites. Since practically every industry today requires an IT expert, fresh graduates who specialize in IT have the advantage of being offered a higher salary point compared to graduates from other industries.

Among the highest in-demand specializations in IT at the moment are Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

Continue reading to find out more about why these fields are high in demand right now!


In simple terms, cybersecurity is about making sure that sensitive information, such as passwords, financial data, and personal information, is kept safe and secure from cyber criminals who may try to access it. 

Over the years, many big companies like Sony or Uber have fallen to a victim of cyber attacks. They suffered from data breaches and data leakages, as attackers have become more and more sophisticated and skillful.

Although there's an increase in the need for cybersecurity professionals to overcome this issue, there’s still a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals for the past 20 years. While hackers are hacking away, stealing information from companies, trying to break into systems and all that, there are not enough cyber security practitioners to address these issues, facing similar problems. In fact, there are actually more hackers than cyber security practitioners or even cyber cops for that matter.

Since the increased dependence on technology, the digital footprint has scaled causing a more vulnerable risk of cyber attacks. leading to more and more scammers taking this opportunity to manipulate businesses. A large ordeal is at risk for every business if they don’t have cybersecurity experts during cyber threats, which can jeopardize their entire business.

The stakes are incredibly high. 

Which is also why:

Yes, this profession pays— and it pays very well not just in Malaysia, but globally. It's safe to say that you top the sellable-profession-meter as Mr. Worldwide.

Raj Kumar Kunhiraman (CEO of Cyber Intelligence), has witnessed that salary has been steadily increasing for this line of work. 

Cybersecurity is highly specialized and requires a high level of knowledge and skills. Even after they graduate, they still need to attend specific training to be dealing with this field of work. Which is why in terms of salary, the earning capacity is limitless, as it depends on how skillful you are in managing cyber security for companies.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is exactly what modern internet slang would call as ‘Mother’ in the field of Marketing and Business. Data analytics uses tools and techniques to examine mass data and extract insights, which gives businesses an idea to make better decision making. Right now, data analytics is used in almost every business, to operate in our ever changing world of growing technology. 

According to Elizabeth Embang Sile (Director of NiSE INSIGHT), there’s a high search for data analytics specialists in the job market in years to come. 

"Based on the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be a growth of 111.5 million jobs opportunities for data science 2026. This high demand is actually happening in Malaysia as well, and I can evidently see it, since I cant find the right people to do the job at times."

Here is everything you need to know about studying data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

Take it from Sophia, the world-famous AI robot:

*Chills*. The thought of robots possibly replacing humans is something that you can only imagine coming out of a dystopian movie, yet right now at this very moment, it isn’t really much of a stretch. 

So, what exactly is an AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can think, learn, and make decisions like people, but at a much faster pace and with greater accuracy. The goal of AI is to create machines that can perform tasks that are normally done by humans but without the need for human intervention, which boosts business efficiency exponentially. 

The existence of AI has changed the way businesses work, forever. 

If you harbor a fascination for the world of AI, then this is the perfect time for you to delve into this field of studies. Since AI is a relatively new field, there is a shortage of skilled professionals who can design, develop, and implement AI solutions. This has led to high demand for those with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Watch the following clip to learn more about what topics that Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence courses cover in detail:

What is the total cost of studying a degree in the UK?

Before you are settled with your decision to fly to the UK to study, you need to know how much does it costs for you to finish up your entire studies over there. Find out the breakdown cost to study in the UK for a full degree programme

Is there a more cost-effective way to get a UK degree?

Lets cut to the chase; we really want you to achieve your dreams of getting a UK degree. Besides, that is what sparked your interest to click this article in the first place. Unfortunately, there is no other way for you to actually cut a huge cost if you plan to fly directly to UK and complete your entire course over there. (No extreme diet plans or cramping up to 10 roommates could cut your budget to even 30% of the total costs.)

But, there is another option. A way, way more cost-effective option, where you can obtain a UK degree right here, in Malaysia. 

UK partners with several institutes in Malaysia through a programme, called the ‘dual degree programme’. The best part about a dual degree programme is that you can hit two birds with one stone: by only enrolling in one course and receiving two-degree certificates upon completion, which consists of a certificate from the local university and another one from the awarding UK institution.

With a dual degree, you'll not only stand out from other graduates, but you can also continue your education for far less expense while receiving the same course content and syllabus as the UK partner university. The exam is designed and graded by UK partner universities, so you can receive a UK quality education directly in your home country.

Click here to find out the cost of Dual Degree Programme

Among the institutes in Malaysia, APU is one of the recognized universities in Malaysia that has a dual award programme, partnering with De Montfort University, UK. 

Through a unique fusion of technology, innovation, and creativity, APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning university that prepares professional graduates for significant roles in business and society globally. The institute upholds its reputation for being among the top universities for technology, which includes its Bachelor of Computer Science programmes with a specialism in Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence being listed among the top courses chosen by students. 

Aside from that, there is also an option for your to still experience studying in the UK, without you having to spend the exact cost of studying in the UK for a 3 year degree programme. 

This option lets you experience studying in Malaysia and the UK, all in one degree programme.

If you are interested in a dual degree programme at APU, you can contact our counselors by clicking on the banner below: 

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