What are the Most Competitive Courses to Enter Public University?

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There are 505 programmes offered in total for SPM/Equivalent and 1075 programmes offered for STPM/Equivalent by UPUOnline. If you had applied for programmes that are listed as most competitive among students, chances are slim unless you are one of the absolute best. For instance, to be qualified for a mechanical engineering degree programme at a public university, the merit marks required is ranged at 74.88% to 89.45% and to be qualified for an accounting degree programme at a public university, the merit marks required is ranged at 88.48% to 99.67%.

Even with an appeal that allows you to apply for 4 courses, the options provided are often programmes that are the least popular and rarely applied among students. While there are chances that some appeal applications would be successful, it is important to note that you might get an offer in a different course which is not what you are interested in, or not get an offer at all.

If you want to know what are the most competitive courses and have the highest rate of application through UPUOnline, UPU has shared a graphic image presenting the 10 most competitive courses in 2020. The courses are as follows: 

1. Medicine

Despite multiple sources indicating that there is an oversupply of doctors, you need to know that medicine remains to be the most popular course due to its reputation for being a noble job. If you have your heart set on studying medicine, here is great news for you. There is a shortage of medical specialists and The National Heart Institute confirms that there are less than 500 heart specialists for the Malaysian population of 32 million. So, don't give up and keep chasing after your dreams even if it means having to apply to a private university. For information on top private universities offering medicine related courses, click here.

2. Dentistry

Dentistry is a lucrative field and it pays you well. The average salary of dentists can be equal or higher than doctors, making it one of the most competitive courses among students. Furthermore, Malaysia has experienced a significant expansion of dental schools over the past decade and the demand for dentists has increased rapidly. If you are keen to pursue studies in the dentistry field, click here for top private universities in Malaysia offering dentistry courses. 

3. Pharmacy

The popularity for Pharmacy courses are almost on par with medicine and dentistry. Studies show that Malaysian students are interested to explore careers in the healthcare field and pharmacy being one of it results in high competition among qualified students. In addition, the Malaysian Pharmacist Society states that there is a shortage of pharmacists in Malaysia especially due to an uneven distribution, most of which are based in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. It is a great option to consider and if you are looking to apply for a pharmacy course in top private universities in Malaysia, click here.

4. Accounting

A degree in an accounting course allows you to work at top banks and auditing firms. Accountants are also sought after by business owners and huge companies as they play a major role in ensuring business growth. Although most universities in Malaysia offer accounting courses, there are only 37,493 registered members as of 2021 according to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Since there is a high demand for this profession, accounting has become increasingly popular among students. Click here for more info on top private universities offering accounting courses.

5. Law

Pursuing a career in law allows you to specialize in multiple fields. You can be a criminal lawyer, property lawyer, administrative lawyer, family lawyer and so forth. The role of a lawyer is essential in society. You will learn to keep our communities safe, protect life and liberty as well as solving disputes between parties in accordance with the law. It is intellectually challenging yet exciting and for that reason, a lot of students want to get enrolled in this course. If you are considering furthering your studies in this field, here are some top private universities in Malaysia that offer law courses.

6.  Mechanical Engineering

The top most competitive course in the field of engineering would be mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are often involved in the process of making advanced power-producing machines. Mechanical engineers can work in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, computer and electronics and manufacturing sector. For this reason, it remains to be in demand and students recognize the opportunities that come along with a degree in mechanical engineering.  To apply for a mechanical engineering course in top private universities in Malaysia, click here

7. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the toughest courses in the field of engineering and requires immense knowledge on physics, mathematics of electricity such as trigonometry and calculus as well as critical thinking skills. Despite being one of the most challenging courses, the world is powered by electricity and electrical engineers deal with distributing various forms of energy from their sources to factories, hospitals, homes, etc.  The Critical Occupation List 2019/2020 report shows that there is a shortage of electrical engineers in Malaysia due to lack of technical skills. That being said, the demand for electrical engineering graduates will remain for years to come. If you are considering to apply to this field, browse through a list of top private universities offering electrical engineering course by clicking here

8. Electronic Engineering

Students often think that electrical and electronic engineering is the same, however they are quite distinct in terms of their skills and job scope. While electrical engineers are involved in distribution of electrical power, electronic engineers are responsible for developing smaller electronic circuits and optimizing components for electrical devices. Some of the top sectors looking for electronic engineers include manufacturing, transportation and storage as well as information and communication. However, according to the TalentCorp Report 2019/2020, one of the problems includes having too few applicants or no applicants at all. This infers that electronic engineering is a course worth considering and the demand for electronic engineers is expected to remain buoyant.  For more info on best private universities offering electronic engineering course, click here

9. Chemical Engineering

Even though engineering has been a popular field for many decades now, the Board of Engineer (BEM) indicates that there are only less than 4% engineers in Malaysia who are registered, most of which are from civil and mechanical engineering. This goes to show that there numerous chemical engineering jobs available in Malaysia that are hard to fill and the demand for chemical engineers are continuing to skyrocket since chemical engineers are involved in varying fields including food production, fuels, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. that are essential in Malaysia. Click here for top private universities in Malaysia offering chemical engineering courses. 

 10. Civil Engineering

From roads to bridges, building and tunnels, civil engineers play a major role in building important assets for the country's development. According to the Critical Occupation List 2019/2020, Malaysia requires a high number of civil engineers to ensure that it can gain the status of a developed nation. In 2020, almost 50 billion Malaysian ringgit were allocated for civil engineering work .Therefore, civil engineering is a great option to consider which is also why it is listed as one of the most competitive courses among students who are applying to enter public university. For more info on top private universities offering civil engineering courses, click here.

Regardless of the UPU results or the appeal outcome, it is important for you to choose a course based on your interest and future plans. If you believe that you are qualified for a particular course but failed to get an offer by UPU, you can start researching for private universities. Find out which of them offers your desired course. In order to check details of the courses, simply visit this link

If you are in need of financial assistance, there are multiple scholarships and loans you can apply for. For more info on scholarships, click here. Finally, we wish you the best of luck and we hope that this article can help you make the right decision for your future!  

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