What are the Different Religions in Malaysia?

Published by on Feb 06, 2020, 11:50 am

You might be unsure of studying in Malaysia because it is an Islamic country and it might not be accepting of your particular beliefs. But just know that Malaysia is open to all religions and there is a variety of people from different races, backgrounds and religious beliefs, so there is no need to be scared! Malaysia is known for its diversity in cultures, people, cuisines and religions so that no one is left out. Here are some facts about religions in Malaysia!

As mentioned before, Malaysia is an Islamic country with more than 60% of of the demographic being Muslim. Now the rest of the population believe in the following religions; Buddhism with 20%, Christianity with 10%, Hinduism with 7% and the other 3% are either of Chinese faiths or atheist. Malaysia has been a diverse country with its different religions since its occupation under the British in the 1940s, and the statistics since then have grown immensely. Now, most of the Christian communities in Malaysia are predominantly found in many indigenous tribes in East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) however, Christianity has made its fewe inroads into Peninsular Malaysia as well. So as you can see, Malaysia is diverse in its religious beliefs for the people. With these different religions, there are places for the people to pray and practice their beliefs. Malaysia has a fair amount of mosques, churches and temples that people can visit and maybe you can visit them too when coming to the country!


Most Famous Mosques

  1. National Mosque of Malaysia



  1. Masjid Jamek Mosque



  1. Federal Territory Mosque Kuala Lumpur



Most Famous Buddhist Temples

  1. Kek Lok Si Temple



  1. Thean Hou Temple



  1. Sam Poh Tong Temple



Most Famous Churches

  1. St. Peter’s Church



  1. Christ Church



  1. St. George’s Anglican Church



Most Famous Hindu Temples

  1. Batu Caves Temple



  1. Sri Mahamariamman Temple



  1. Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple



When it comes to religious freedom, there is nothing to worry about as the Constitution of Malaysia formally proclaims the state to be secular and guarantees "every person the freedom to practice his or her religion in peace and harmony". The variety of religions in Malaysia are able to freely practice their religion without any issue which means you have nothing to worry about when coming to Malaysia! Malaysia is open to their various religions and offers national holidays for the people who celebrate their particular events. For example, Malaysia has national holidays for Thaipusam, Deepavali, Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year and Christmas, which shows the importance and acceptance of these different holidays.

In the end, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to religion in Malaysia because everyone is accepted regardless of their beliefs, all religious golidays are celebrated to promote diversity and understand the different peoples, and the people have its religious freedoms when practicing their beliefs in the country!


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