Want to become a doctor? Consider working in Sarawak.

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 27, 2013, 11:33 am

According to Malaysia's Prime Minister, the country's 17 public and private medical schools have produced 12,000 medical doctors and over 7,000 specialists from three university teaching hospitals.

These specialists are experts in internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology and pediatrics. Out of the total more than 450 specialise in pediatrics.

In West Malaysia, the doctor-population ratio has reached 1:700 this is close to the government's target of  1:600 in 2015.

In the contrary, Sarawak is experiencing a lack of medical experts. The doctor-patient ratio is 1:1,500 which is caused by doctors preferring to serve in the peninsula instead of their home state.

In response to this the Health Ministry is offering extra allowances for medical officers who chose to serve in Sarawak.

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