UPU Online Appeal Application FAQ

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 21, 2021, 05:05 pm

To those of you who failed in the UPU online application, do not give up. You can still make an appeal application.Below are the common questions asked by applicants regarding the UPU online appeal application and we are here to answer all of the questions. 

When is the appeal application date?

The UPU online appeal application date opens on the same day where results are announced. 

How long will the appeal application be open?

The appeal application will open on the same day where results are announced. It will usually open for about 11 days for application. 

Number of study programs eligible to apply?

The number of study programs that are eligible to be applied for is only 4. Check the rightsteps to make an UPU online appeal application

Does the program of study available in the appeal application have demand and employment prospects?

Click here to check out the study programs that are currently in demand and will continue to have employment prospects

Which university opens their UPU online appeal application?

The list of universities that open applications depends on the availability of places for the program of study offered. During the application, a list of study programs that still have vacancies will be displayed. 

Is it possible to submit an appeal for a polytechnic through UPU online appeal?

Yes, the appeal to Polytechnic is done through UPU online appeal application

Is it possible to submit an appeal to ILKA & Community College through UPU online appeal?

No, applications to ILKA and KK should be done directly on the official portal of ILKA and Community College and not through UPU online. 

How to submit a UPU online appeal application?

Click for steps to make a UPU appeal

How to choose a program of study that will most likely succeed in the application?  

Click to review tips for selecting a program of study that has the potential to succeed in the application

How to choose the right university in order to succeed in the appeal application? 

Click to check tips on choosing the right university

Things to avoid if you want to succeed in the UPU online appeal application

Click for tips on things to avoid in order to succeed in the UPU online appeal application

Public university second intake or Private university, which is better?

To check the comparison between the two, you can click on Public university second intake or private university, which is better?

What are some of the collaborative study programs at Public Universities offered by Private universities

Click to check the List of Private Universities That Are Offering Courses & Certificates from Public Universities

Failed in UPU online appeal application, what are the next steps and study options available?

For those who fail, there are many more routes to consider. Check out this article: Failed UPU Application Including UPU Appeal? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Still Further Your Higher Education

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