UOW Malaysia KDU Scholarships and Bursaries to Ease Your Financial Worries

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 26, 2021, 01:08 pm

If you are going to be studying at UOW Malaysia KDU or you are an existing undergraduate, then here are some important scholarships and bursaries to look out for. With the current, and seemingly never-ending, COVID-19 Pandemic, many individuals have lost their jobs and have therefore found it struggling to pay for tuition fees. With that, there has been a steady increase in demand for scholarships and bursaries from all families and especially those that come from middle to low income household. Furthermore, the idea of pursuing your dream career with further education is known to come at a big price. Not to worry, UOW Malaysia KDU is here to ease your financial stresses. These scholarships will help pay off up to 100% of your tuition fees. Some of their deadlines are coming up soon so apply today!

1. UOW Malaysia KDU Excellence Award Scholarship

The most prestigious scholarship offered at UOW Malaysia KDU. It provides full tuition waiver and every year, only a few distinguished students are awards with this scholarship. It is open to those in pre-university & foundations studies, diploma, and degree programs. Find out more information here and apply here. Applications close on September 6, 2021.

2. High Achievers Scholarship

High Achievers Scholarship is awarded to high-flying, well-rounded candidates with outstanding academic results. Find out entry requirements here and fill out the application form here.

3. UOW Malaysia KDU Graduate Research Scholarship

The UOW Malaysia KDU Graduate Research scholarship is offered to suitable candidates who are enrolling in postgraduate research programs in UOW Malaysia KDU. Apply here and find out the entry criteria here.

4. Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor Scholarship is awarded to current UOW Malaysia KDU students who have consistently delivered outstanding results in their degree program and demonstrate ambitions to positively impact the community and society. The deadline is on 30 July 2021. Find out more here and apply here.

5. Vice-Chancellor Merit Award

The Vice-Chancellor Merit Award is an award for current UOW Malaysia KDU students in recognition of their academic achievement and professional development. Applications close on 30 July 2021. Find out the criteria here and apply here.

6. HOPE Bursary

Hope Bursary is awarded to deserving candidates who require financial aid to pursue higher education. The application deadline is September 6, 2021. Find out more here and apply here.

For more scholarship and bursary information visit UOW Malaysia KDU’s website.

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