University of Tsukuba to Open Malaysian Branch in 2023

Published by on Oct 21, 2020, 03:57 pm

Yep, you heard that right. Japan's Tsukuba University is opening their Malaysian branch by 2023!

Ranked in the top 10 Japanese universities, the University of Tsukuba has a long and proud history as one of Japan's premier educational institutions and their upcoming Malaysian branch – the first ever by a Japanese university overseas, by the way! – is highly anticipated.

Since it was introduced in 1980s, the Look East Policy has sent over 17,000 Malaysian students to Japanese universities and institutes of technology as well as to Japanese industries and training institutes. The Malaysian branch of the University of Tsukuba is another step to bridge Japan and Malaysia together!

Initially, the Malaysian branch was set to open by 2022 but due to COVID-19 pandemic, delays were inevitable. The 2023 date is confirmed, however, according to Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia Hiroshi Oka, “…No more major delays are expected as everybody is eager to bring this project to reality”.

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