UNIMY Signs a Collaboration Agreement with Robopreneur

Published by Afterschool.my on Mar 07, 2018, 03:34 am

Malaysia local robotics company Robopreneur Sdn Bhd joins UNIMY’s impressive list of industry partners to support the boutique university’s commitment in providing specialised computer science and engineering education for the nation’s future tech-preneurs.


Left to right: Dr. Norshuhani Zamin, Assistant Professor UNIMY, Dr. Ramli Ismail, Acting Vice Chancellor UNIMY, Dr. Hanafiah Yussof, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Robopreneur, and Dr. Nur Ismarrubie Zahari, Chief Finance Officer of Robopreneur. Joining the photo was humanoid robot Nao (In Dr. Ramli’s arms), the most widely used robot for academic and research worldwide. 

University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering has signed an official collaboration agreement with robotics company Robopreneur Sdn Bhd (Robopreneur). Like its other industry partnerships, this new collaboration is set to benefit UNIMY students where they will gain direct knowledge access to Robopreneur and its latest research, development and innovation in the exciting field of robotics.

Founded by Dr. Hanafiah Yussof in 2015, Robopreneur is focused in developing robotics solutions, Artificial Intelligent solutions, sales and services of high-end service robots and 3D printers for education, research and development, business to business, and commercial applications. Its core product is Humanoid Robot NAO, a 58cm-tall humanoid robot that is fully programmable, autonomous and interactive used in research and education around the world in prestigious universities and research institutes. Robopreneur is also the authorised distributor for other high-end robotic products such as Kinova Arm, Baxter, Sawyer, REEM, REEM-C, Darwin, UXA-90 and many more. Robopreneur is also currently developing a full scale humanoid robot, which will be the 1st Malaysia’s humanoid robot, a project funded by Futurise Sdn Bhd and Cyberview Sdn Bhd.


A signing ceremony was held today between both parties at the UNIMY PUTRAJAYA campus, sealing the agreement of the collaboration. Present at the event were UNIMY Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramli Ismail, Dr. Hanafiah Yussof, Director CEO of Robopreneur, and Haji Azhar Abdul Aziz, CTO of Robopreneur.

Following the agreement, UNIMY and Robopreneur will work closely to drive entrepreneurship capability building within UNIMY students by tapping into Robopreneur’s expertise in the areas of robotics.

“Robotics will be the next big thing,” says Dr. Hanafiah Yussof, the CEO of Robopreneur. “It is important for us as robotics company and for Malaysia to get ready with this revolution, because robotics business especially the service robotics category, is expending the market size, which is expected to reach USD 80 Billion by year 2020. Inspired by the vision on TN50, we need to aggressively develop our local talents and encourage more industries to get involved in robotics business,” says Dr. Hanafiah again. “We are currently developing local talents for a national humanoid robot project. We are expanding our footprint and growing our team towards corporatisation with 35 in-house talents in our Futurise, Cyberjaya office. This partnership with UNIMY is an important milestone for Robopreneur to engage more collaboration with local universities to train our local talents in a real working and development environment, to learn and explore robotics and artificial intelligence technology and business.”

Robotics“Robotics will be the next breakthrough technology worldwide and our partner aims to become a premium robotics company providing high-end robotic products and solutions,” says UNIMY Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramli Ismail. “I strongly believe that this partnership will be instrumental in helping build the next-generation of robotics experts, using technology to the next level for sustainable business, economic, lifestyle and humanity purposes. Like all our other industry partnerships, the UNIMY-Robopreneur collaboration will offer our students a unique opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the field of robotics where they will gain access to Roboprenuer’s unique technology and business capabilities.”

Following the collaboration, industry training and internship placements at Robopreneur will be available to UNIMY students. Also available are student project mentoring and co-supervision by Robopreneur, research and development opportunities, lectures, Robopreneur’s resources and facilities, and participation in Robopreneur’s projects. Robopreneur will provide industry input in UNIMY’s academic programme development by being part of the university’s Industry Advisory Panel while key personnel from the company will also sit as adjunct professors in UNIMY.

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“This latest industry partnership further highlights our commitment to our students as well as to the nation in grooming work-ready talent to take on the future of digitalisation. I am sure our students will have plenty to look forward to in our collaboration with one of the most exciting companies currently in robotics,” says Dr. Ramli. “Especially with Robopreneur’s core product, NAO, which is a breakthrough in the field. I am excited to see what our students will gain by being involved in Robopreneur’s projects.”

Aside from Robopreneur, UNIMY has signed on other industry partners such as CyberSecurity Malaysia, KPMG, Fusionex, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Huawei, Autodesk and many more through its parent company, Prestariang Berhad.

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