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Have you always imagined yourself with a stethoscope around your neck, walking through the halls of a hospital and helping people? Do you have the stamina and determination to put in the extensive hours of work to achieve this goal? Think about this carefully…and if your answer is yes, then a top medical course is what you’re looking for.

For the most part, there are many options for Malaysians for pursue a medical degree both locally and overseas. Some of the popular countries Malaysians like to study because of the affordable cost and the fact that their degree is recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) include the UK, India, Indonesia and Egypt.

However, under current circumstances, studying abroad isn’t that favourable with the pandemic and the government reducing the spending of studying medicine out of Malaysia.

On the bright side, there are highly qualified medical universities in Malaysia offering some of the top medical courses in the country. These medical universities offer medical studies that are not only certified by MQA but also the Malaysian Medical Council MMC – making them a great option!

But how much would it actually take to get yourself a medical degree?

The average cost of MBBS in Malaysia and its course

With the growing demand of healthcare professionals, the costs of having the latest tools, and the expertise required to nurture students into qualified professionals, it's no wonder studying medicine cost a little more than other degrees. On average, an MBBS course in a private and public institution cost from RM55,000 to RM186,000 per annum. This is not inclusive of application fees and additional living expenses.

However, by the end of your five-year course, this would all be worth it as the starting salary of graduates with MBBS in Malaysia is nearly RM68,200 to RM186,000 per annum at fresher’s level.

For the most part, MBBS programmes, be it in public or private institutions, consist of both preclinical (in your first and second year) and clinical courses (years three, four and five). The medium of instruction is entirely in English throughout all universities in the country. The first part of the programme usually includes theoretical courses in the stream of Anatomy, Microbiology, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, among others; while the second is completely practical and requires practices across hospitals in Malaysia.

Choosing the top medical course in Malaysia

Monash University, a university with a top medical course in Malaysia has taken a different approach. Their Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (BMedSci/MD) at Monash University is an interdisciplinary course that provides world-class training in biomedical sciences, social sciences and clinical skills.

Monash University

As a student, you will spend the first two years of your course at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS), where you will develop your clinical skills with contact visits to medical practices, community care facilities and hospitals, and spend two weeks as a healthcare team member in a rural area.

In the next three years, you will be based at the Clinical School in Johor Bahru, where your clinical studies centre around the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

Besides that, in your fifth year, you will experience the business and the schedule of a doctor with clinical rotations that includes placement in an Australian hospital.

The curriculum at Monash incorporates four themes: personal and professional development; population, society, health and illness; the scientific basis of clinical practice; and clinical skills.

As a top medical university in Malaysia, Monash’s medical course gives its students world-leading expertise in medical practice and research, which includes treating premature babies at risk of brain disease, replacing heart valves without open-heart surgery and developing new cancer drugs. Besides that, the course also draws on Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences' particular strengths in the cardio-metabolic field, infection and immunity, global public health and neuroscience.

Overall, this top medical course in Malaysia has been designed to give its students the best medical training in the industry. If you’re looking to be one of the best, then this course is for you.

Medical Students

Intake periods for the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (BMedSc/MD) course is in February of every year.

For more information about studying Medicine at Monash University Malaysia, CLICK HERE.

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