Top Malaysian Private University Degree Programmes Unrecognised by MQA

Published by on May 04, 2021, 11:31 am

Two students from LimKokWing University expressed their concern when they found out that almost 98 courses including Bachelor degrees as well as Masters and PhD degrees were not recognised by the MQA. Local reports claimed that almost 800 students were left worried and anxious about their future when they found out that LimKokWing programmes were revoked from the MQA list of accredited programmes due to their failure in reaching certain quality standards set by the authorities.

LimKokWing University has stepped forward to clarify this issue. As the programmes were revoked out of a sudden due to failure in reaching certain standards, LimKokWing has been given 30 days to amend and resubmit the programmes for accreditation once again. LimKokWing reassures students that corrective measures were already taken and that this issue will be rectified as soon as possible

Limkokwing is a private university with multiple campuses located across three continents, namely Asia, Africa and Europe. The main campus is located here in Cyberjaya and is notable for being a pioneer in the world of creative technology. There are students from over 165 countries making it one of the most diverse university in Malaysia. For several decades now, Limkokwing University has been producing world class graduates with creative careers. For more info on programmes offered, click here. For info on scholarships, click here

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