Top Five Worst Places to Study, Think Twice Before You Go

Published by on Feb 05, 2020, 10:32 am

Recently, a debate was sparked on Twitter when user Cik Anas posted a picture of a man holding a cardboard in front of McDonald's that read “McDonald's is a place to eat, not to study”.



He then tells a story of his encounter with a group of students who were studying at McDonald's, who had apparently hushed little kids who were being noisy. The kids were then scolded by their parents, but another customer intervened and told off the group of students for being disrespectful to the family and for demanding people to quiet down, so they could study at a clearly noisy food joint.

They left the McDonald’s a few minutes later as they were told that McDonald's was not a place of study. Here are some places that students love to study but probably shouldn’t.

Fast Food Restaurants



Most students love to study at fast-food restaurants McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks because it's open for 24 hours. They can study or work on their assignment while munching on chicken nuggets or sipping on Slurpee besides access to FREE WIFI!

Unfortunately, “It is not a place to study!”, like the quote says, fast food restaurants aren’t a study area because people go in and out to eat food, and families go to eat with their children or bring their kids to the playpen which means there will be a lot of noise and screaming. So it’s not a good place to study.




Mamak means good & cheap food and an enjoyable environment where they and their friends can gather and do work together out in the open near the roadside. Plus, because it isn’t such a studious area compared to the library, they can talk with their groupmates without being told off for the noise and people are the Mamak don’t necessarily care if you’re studying in their space if you bought a meal with it.

There will be so many an overflow of people going there because of how cheap it is, so you might be kicked out of the restaurant if you’re studying so that the eating customers can order. However, just know that because it is a restaurant, it can be quite noisy. Then, tell me how to focus?

Internet Cafe



Internet cafes are great for people who want access to a computer and the internet. These places are more comfortable with air conditional and affordable than having their own equipment or software.

These cafes are popular among gamers who need a computer/desktop to play their games. There might be some screaming throughout the room and they might need the desktop you’re sitting at if the place starts to fill up or whether there is a gaming competition booked in that particular internet cafe. Do you think your effort to study there is worth it?

Your Room



Since it’s their space, you can control things like sound, lighting, and temperature (for the most part, anyway, it might be a bit trickier in the dorms). This customization is lacking in other spaces–tinker away until you find the configuration right for you. Plus, it doesn’t require much travel time, you don’t have to go to these cafes or the library and search for space when you’re there. 

Rooms are meant to be comfy. Your beds, blankets, and favourite posters, your room might feel less like a study-space and more like a place to unwind after class. Plus, it’s easy for you to switch from reading your notes to watching Netflix. Also, if you have a roommate, they could be chatting on the phone, cooking dinner, watching TV, or barging in with questions from time to time.

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