Top Five Reasons to Study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

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Type in a quick Google search for The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) and you would be greeted with the expected information; courses offered, facilities, rankings among other things. While this is incredibly informative and does lend students a better perspective in which they can visualise their futures, a more revealing and personalised bit of information would be something that comes directly from a student who has been there, and done that. Students who are currently studying at, or have graduated from the university arguably are best positioned to give prospective students an insight into what they can expect, and whether a university is for them. With that in mind, Haggai Gan, a current UNMC student gives us his top five reasons to consider the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus as your choice to pursue your tertiary education. 

The Location

 University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Fun fact: The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is situated in Semenyih. Where exactly in Semenyih you ask? The outskirts, or as many students would refer to it as, the edge of civilisation. Jokes aside, the dour spot a few kilometres away from Broga Hill suddenly seems remarkably strategic once you expand that map on your phone. A 30-minue drive away from shopping malls, and another 15 minutes to Kuala Lumpur, it allows students with their own transportation to avoid the crippling traffic jams that Kuala Lumpur seem to be all too eager to offer, while still being able to visit the city centre from time to time. The ideal combination then of the peace and quiet of Semenyih while still having the option to break the monotony and travel to the city centre when ones fancies to. 

University Provided Transportation


Speaking of travelling to the city centre, there might be a few of you who wonder, “What if I don’t have my own personal transportation? Will I spend my weekends exploring the jungle next to the university for the next three to five years?”. Fret not for the University of Nottingham Malaysia provides shuttle bus services throughout the week (excluding public holidays) that will take its passengers to the Kajang KTM Station. Additionally, with the rapid expansion of the MRT and shuttle bus services, the train station now acts as a hive that permits students to travel to just about any attraction in and around the Selangor area that their heart desires. 

Affordable Accommodation

Accommodation and Amenities

Unlike the accommodation in central KL and its surrounding areas, the on-campus accommodation at The University of Nottingham Malaysia is relatively affordable, with the base accommodation fees starting around RM450. The 24/7 security and various facilities, which include self-service laundry facilities, 24/7 convenience stores, student hubs and covered walkways to all major buildings ensure that your on-campus experience is as pleasant as it can be. However, if you opt for a location off-campus to call home during your course, there are many other areas that may meet your requirements, including the likes of Taman Tasik Semenyih (TTS), Broga New Village, University Village (UV) and many others. However, it is important to keep in mind that most of these areas require students to have their own transportation. 

Global Education

Global Education

It’s becoming increasingly common to spot the word ‘global’ on any university website or promotional material. While many only seem to include the tagline without any substantial bite to back up the bark, the University of Nottingham Malaysia not only uses the words ‘global education’, it cultivates it. With its campuses located in the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia, students who wish to transfer to any campus during their education may do so provided they meet the stipulated academic qualifications. Going one step further, even academic staff are often seen transferring between campuses, wholly contributing to the dissemination of knowledge UNMC has been known for. 

Ranked Among the Top 100 Universities in the World

Top Universities

While location, prices, and international options are truly wonderful, it would mean nothing if the package came wrapped shoddily with lackluster education. One of the best ways the judge a university’s quality on offer is through their rankings, and in that respect, UNMC excels having been listed in the top 100 universities worldwide as well as sitting comfortably in the top 20 in the UK. The secret to their success? UNMC employs over 40 full-time academic staff from various countries and have about 5000 students, which contributes to a ratio of one academic staff to 17.5 students at UNMC, which means it is never too difficult for a student to get academic support. Click here find out about the courses, intakes and more regarding the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus has various open and info days throughout the year where staff and academics will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have.

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