Top 6 Movies That Every University Student Should Watch

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Starting university can be a scary experience for some because it’s something new and unfamiliar. You’re going to a place to a school you’re not familiar with along with people you don’t know. Even today, in our pandemic-ridden world, starting university online can be even more daunting as you don’t know if you will be getting as much of a holistic experience.


Nevertheless, the transition for school to university is one filled with newness, changes, and inevitably young adults finding themselves. For everyone that feels that way, there are so many movies out there that will help you feel less alone or to just get you in a feel-good mood. Here are our top 6 movies that we think all university students should watch as they really encapsulate what it means to grow up.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997)


This classic movie starring the greats such as Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon tells the story of a young man who is gifted with high potential in mathematics and chemistry. The thing is he doesn’t realise the potential that he has with this gift.

This film is a perfect inspirational movie that will challenge students to discover the power of their hidden talents.

2. Dead Poet’s Society (1989)


Another iconic Robin Williams movie, 1989’s “Dead Poets Society” focuses on a group of students learning that poetry, music, and art are all worth celebrating. Along with popularising the phrase “carpe diem” (seize the day), it really shows that that is exactly what students should be doing during their university years. Just living in the moment and appreciating everything around them.

3. Toy Story 3 (2010)


The Toy Story movie franchise is a favourite for a lot of us. The third one in particular was a bittersweet movie but it came with an important message. While the movie managed to reduce practically everyone that watched it to tears, it reminds us of the joys of childhood while also getting us excited for the next unknown part of life.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


Starring Will Smith, this biopic centers around the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner and shows his life through all his struggles and success. It shows how he went from being a homeless salesman to the owner of a brokerage house.

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with university. Besides being a brilliant movie, it shows students that they should never give up on their dream and how sheer will power and determination can really help you go far in every aspect of life.

5. Legally Blonde (2001)


Yes, this has become an iconic movie over the years for many reasons. However, besides the fact that this movie is about university in and of itself, Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods taught a lot of important messages throughout the movie that every university should learn.

It teaches us that if you want something, you will have to work hard to get it because nothing will come to you for free. Plus, it teaches you that even when it feels like everyone has turned against you, there will always be a silver lining to help you. 

6. Mean Girls (2004)


Granted, this movie is about high school life and a high school life that is a bit far-fetched, the lessons in it and the overall feel-good mood of the movie makes it a definite must watch for university students. This movie has been quoted constantly since its release but more than that, it perfectly captures what it means to struggle with your identity and sense of self.

The movie taps into what it means to find yourself in a new, and sometimes unfamiliar, setting. Plus, it is super fun movie to watch with all your new friends in university!

So there, you have it, here are the six movies that every university student should watch at least once in their life. Of course, there are an endless number of inspirational, coming-of-age movies but these six are a good start. Plus, if you didn’t know what to watch this weekend, here are some ideas!

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