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Published by on Jun 19, 2020, 04:50 pm

What have your friends been using our website for? Let's find out!

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1. Medicine


Is there still a demand for doctors in Malaysia?

Whatever the answer (and our experts have been having very different thoughts on this) this course is still a huge favourite among Malaysian students and parents alike, and is reflected on it's top most position in this list.

What are Malaysia's best Medical, Dentistry and Pharmacy schools?

2. Accounting


With calls for 60,000 future accountants to become a developed nation by 2020, it is not suprising that Malaysians are flocking to do Accounting in droves, because despite the economic downturn, demand for accountants remains strong!

Find out the four academic pathways you can take for this course.

3. Psychology


70% of patients in Malaysia whose core problem is psychological continue to receive drugs instead of psychological help. Clinical psychologist can earn up to RM 250 an hour!

Learn more about the Psychology course here.

4. UPU

Malaysian university graduates

Malaysia is one of a few countries that regulate their public university intake online, ensuring a smooth and fair enrollment process. This year, 300,000 students applied via UPU, where 20% found their applications successful.

Get your ultimate guide to acing your UPU application here.

5. JPA

JPA students

So is there a scholarship this year or is it just a loan? From the introduction of a new convertible loan to rumors of JPA scholarships being abolished, the first half of 2016 has seen the many faces of JPA and it's controversies.

Read all news and articles related to JPA here.

6. Pharmacy


Ah, big pharma. Starting from 2016, JPA scholarships for local studies can only be given to students who are studying selected courses in public universities (UA) that are recognized by the ministry.

Which ones? Read here.


student in library

This year, only 15,000 public university students chose to continue their studies in Technology and Innovation as well as science-related courses. Is this why this search term is ranked low on this list?

Where can you get a list of places to study in Malaysia? Why, here of course!

8. Law

amal muslim lawyer

A law degree will enable you to practice law in Malaysia and in any Commonwealth jurisdiction. The career options for a law degree holder are as diverse as they are interesting.

What's the big deal about this course, then?

9. Actuarial-science

actuary science is a calculated gamble

Actuarial Science became a hot topic among Malaysian students since the late 90s. It is considered to be the ultimate course to take for those who are hopelessly in love with Math and math-related subjects.

The entry-level salary for actuarial science graduates is between RM 3,000 to RM 4,500. We kid you not!

10. Engineering

woman asian engineer

If your parents are not pushing you to become a doctor, then chances are they want their children to study engineering. Who can blame them? After 5-10 years of working experience, expect your salary to skyrocket up to RM 25,000.

Did you know that the most popular search for any engineering branch on is Petroleum!

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