This Multi-Talented Junior Doctor Raked 1.5 Million Views for Her TikTok Video

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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

– Maya Angelou

During our most challenging moments in life, we will never forget the people who help lighten our burden. When doctor Aiza Jasmin encountered a mid-40s female patient looking down in the isolation room, it was a cue for her to provide a shoulder to lean on during moments of sorrow. After the patient spent 30 minutes sharing her story, she paused momentarily and continued, "Doctor, I'm glad you came and talked to me. I can't thank you enough because you made me feel way better than I felt a while ago." Aiza smiled at the patient's remark. A few days later, the current houseman met with the patient again for blood taking. She recalled, "I apologised to the patient for poking her two to three times because her veins were not easy to spot. The patient chuckled and said, 'no, doctor, don't apologise. I already know you genuinely want to help me, so go ahead.' It's these types of patients that help you learn, and I appreciate her. I hope she's doing better now."

Being a doctor is not an easy road to take as it comes with carrying immense responsibility with integrity on top of a demanding work schedule, but being a part of a team of healing human beings makes it all worth it for the MAHSA MBBS Graduate. "Witnessing the patient's development, seeing them go home to their family and leading their normal lives again feels so rewarding. You never go home without learning something, and every day feels like a form of levelling up."

The beauty with brains strongly believe that every encounter with a patient is an opportunity to grow and learn in the Medical field

The Best Of Both Worlds

If you check Aiza's Instagram page, a woman in scrubs wouldn't be the first thing that crosses your mind. You'll find a Soundcloud profile linked in her Instagram bio, posting song covers of her rendition to 'Come Into My Arms' while seamlessly playing the piano. There's also posts of her sketching complex subjects through traditional and digital mediums. In the Highlights section, you'll be able to catch snippets of her acting in a few skits and clips of her dancing in music videos and commercials. "I got into acting a few months before I started my housemanship, as I had connections from friends who invited me to become extras. The shoots I did led me to more connections, and that is how I got into the scene and continued doing more castings and jobs." Aiza explains.

Balancing her life with her passion for both Arts and Medicine is crucial for the multi-talented junior doctor, as they both embody the two sides of things she's passionate about. Incorporating her creative side into her daily life, she enjoys editing and sharing glimpses of what day-to-day in her life looks like in Tiktok, which includes her daily routine as a houseman- clocking in, making her morning ward rounds, sending blood specimens results to the lab and tending to patient's wounds in the operation theatre. Her most watched video received 1.5million views, a wholesome video about Aiza teaching her eager grandmother how to write and spell, as her grandmother didn't have the chance to finish school.

Acting runs naturally in Aiza's veins, taking acting jobs during her free time

Aiza belts out melodious duet with her choir mate Zuhrie to 'More Than Words' by Extreme

As seen under the hashtag #JustmintDances on Instagram, Aiza loves dancing at studios and collab with various people during her free time to channel her artistic energy

(Pic above) Aiza with her mates at the finale competition of Dance Supreme

Juggling life as a Medical Practitioner 

As much as Aiza loves her job, she admits that the healthcare system in Malaysia needs a lot of work, which she could only understand through having first-hand experience. "There are days where I push myself out of my limit, feeling sleepy and hungry to the point where it physically hurts. Since we don't have any designated lunch or dinner time and only have one day off per week, we have to find ways to manage our health. The nurses and colleagues will remind me to eat when I'm busy with a lot of pending work.

Despite all this, Aiza never fails to show up at work every day, no matter how tough it is. "I always tell myself that my job holds meaning. You will never know if it could inspire or change at least one person's life. Despite the many crazy stories you read about a doctor's life in Malaysia, I hope it will not stop someone from pursuing Medicine as we all have something to offer this world."

The true means of becoming doctor comes with it's own set of sacrifices that Aiza is willing to take  

Aiza emphasised that it's essential to also make time for your interests outside of work to keep your sanity in check. "When I started Housemanship, it was challenging to make time for my hobbies since my energy is mostly low after work. I allowed myself to transition and adapt to the system at work first. Once I believe my mind and body are optimised enough, I do one hobby at a time by managing them based on high-energy to low-energy tasks. Only a few days ago, I started making song covers again and was able to record a few songs. I've also started running again by starting with a few kilometres first after so long. I still take social media jobs for dance and as a fun opportunity to keep my creative side intact. I'm still in the period of transitioning at work, but these small achievements in having a work-life balance go a long way. I also remind myself that slow progress is still progress. Work will never end, and neither should your hobbies."

If saving lives is your calling, you can check out MAHSA's MBBS Programme to learn more about this noble profession.

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