The Waiting Game Is Over

Published by on Feb 19, 2016, 12:07 pm

Nilai Universityand ACCA signs an agreement offering ACCA Accelerate programme.


Nilai University’s Bachelor in Arts (Hons) Accounting and Finance Programme is an ACCA Accredited programme, where graduates will get the full nine paper exemptions from ACCA. As one of the more popular programmes at Nilai University, students are focused on becoming certified accountants for a prospective and brighter future. Yet the journey to be called professional accountants is far fetched when time is not in their favor.


Through the agreement with ACCA Accelerate Programme, the design is advancing their career where students can begin and complete their professional qualifications during their studies. The agreement with ACCA will allow students to register with ACCA before graduation looms upon them. Nilai University students have an alternative without delays. By completing their remaining five ACCA papers, at the same time they are studying for their degrees at record time. Just at the nick of time before graduation and job-hunting, lessening more grey hairs to appear on their pretty little heads.


Students of Nilai University who partake for the ACCA Accelerate scheme will be entitled to:

  • Waiver of ACCA’s initial registration fee (worth £79).
  • Free annual subscription fee worth £170 for up to two years after graduation (inclusive of graduation year).
  • Deferred exemption fee payment (up to 24 months after graduation).

Through the participation, students will receive support from members of ACCA via events, meetings and promotional value. Students with successful registration to study ACCA are given access to ACCA’s online resources including the ACCA Learning Community with connections over 455,000 ACCA students around the globe offering support with studies and training.

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