The Kijang Graduate Programme by Bank Negara Malaysia

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The Kijang Graduate Programme gives participants a unique perspective on Bank Negara Malaysia's various roles in developing the country. The Graduate Analyst track and the Digital Graduate Analyst track are the two tracks available in this programme.

The Graduate Analyst track gives you a broad understanding of central banking. Over the course of 18 months, you will rotate among the Bank's three sectors, allowing you to learn about the various career paths available which are:

  • Monetary Stability

The Monetary Stability Sector develops and implements monetary policy in order to keep inflation low and steady while promoting long-term economic growth. The sector also promotes an exchange rate system that is most appropriate for Malaysia's economic situation.

  • Financial Stability

The Financial Stability Sector is responsible for ensuring the financial stability of Malaysia at all times. This assures that financial services, including as lending, financing, insurance, takaful, payments, remittances, and others, can reliably and fairly serve individuals and enterprises.

  • Corporate Management

The Corporate Management Sector is responsible for ensuring the Bank's operational effectiveness in three areas: external engagement, organizational development, and operations.

The Digital Graduate Analyst track gives you a deep dive into the central bank's digital infrastructures and financial sector technology resiliency. Over the course of 18 months, you will cycle through three of the Bank's digital and technology departments, gaining in-depth experience in digital strategy and operations, IT risk and supervision, and data science work.

BNM will support candidates growth as a Graduate Analysts through various initiatives, including:

  • Onboarding Program

The Kijang Graduate Programme starts with a two-week onboarding programme centered on our organization, its key functions, and its culture and values.

  • Mentorship

Each Graduate Analyst will be assigned a mentor who will help you grow and achieve your career goals.

  • Networking Events

Informal networking events (virtual or in-person) will give you the chance to meet and build relationships with other Graduate Analysts and employees at the Bank.


At the end of the programme, successful Graduate Analysts will be offered a permanent role at the Bank.

For entry requirements and to apply for the Kijang Graduate Programme , visit Bank Negara Malaysia's official website

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