The Door to Her Success & Aspiration: Read Rachel Decruzs Inspiring Journey as a Yayasan UEM Scholar That Took Her on a Passage to Great Britain

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I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be where I am at this very moment. It’s almost surreal but I owe it all to Yayasan UEM for giving me an opportunity that drove me to greater heights.

In high school, my dreams had little to no direction; I still worked hard despite it and received 10A+s, 2As and 1A- in SPM. Upon receiving my results, I diligently applied for a tonne of scholarships and was immensely grateful when I secured a call back from YUEM for an interview. I was over the moon to have acquired a scholarship from YUEM to read law at any one of the top universities I desired, anywhere in the world.

I spent the next two years at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) in preparation for a global education. Being enrolled in A-Level Arts, I experienced a stimulating and ground-breaking course that was intertwined with an abundance of hands-on learning experiences and effective syllabus that helped me develop transferable skills.

Studying at KYUEM was a life-changing experience, I found myself head-on with challenges and obstacles that I learnt to overcome. It was also life-enriching; practical skills and real-world insights were bestowed upon me during my time at KYUEM. I was taught by highly qualified educators and had the opportunity to study alongside other top scorers that inspired me to aim for the stars, and that I did.

KYUEM’s amazing sports facilities and regular social activities added excitement and camaraderie to college life. I took on the role of the college’s magazine editor, the president of the debate society and the very unexpected role of chief make-up artist for the annual ‘Bangsawan’ competition. YUEM’s expert eye saw untapped potential in me and encouraged me to apply to further my studies at the University of Cambridge. My time at KYUEM intensively prepped me with a whole new outlook of thinking, putting my ideas to the test and having those opinions challenged. This proved crucial in preparing me for the University of Cambridge’s Law entrance exam and interview.

The day I received my conditional offer to study at Newnham College, University of Cambridge, I was on cloud nine, but my journey did not end there. It sparked a flame of desire and determination to climb my way to the top while I was still in KYUEM. The dedication put into by my lecturers and the countless hours of group studying did not go to waste. I was overjoyed to have received KYUEM’s Academic Excellence Award for Arts and to have aced my examinations with 4 A*s.

I was in a state of wonder as I set foot in the UK. Wandering around the gardens at Newnham College was a magical experience. Studying at Newham College did not only open a world of future career opportunities but also developed me as a professional in the field. As I hurdled through challenges, it guided me to thrive on a new set of personal skills and a sense of personal growth. When it was finally time to graduate, I moved to London to complete the Bar Professional Training Course at Lincoln’s Inn.

I then underwent the requisite period of pupillage and was Called to the bar at Kuala Lumpur. On the final day of my Call, YUEM served as the wind beneath my wings and arranged for a job interview at PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS). I was offered a position as an entry-level legal executive with the Legal and Corporate Secretarial department. Thus, began another chapter of my life.

I cherished my time at PLUS and the opportunities that came with it. To have worked and learn under the expert guidance of my head-of-department, Puan Noor Meiza Ahmad, was a blessing in disguise. My department soon became my extended family and I found myself learning new organisational and communication skills alongside the expected legal-related demands. PLUS recognised my contribution and in the second year of my service, I received a platinum award from the assessment of my Key Performance Indicators.

Reflecting on my life, I consider YUEM as the door and pathway to my success. The opportunities that YUEM and KYUEM enabled set me on a trajectory that I am confident will guide me to serve my community and my nation better. YUEM and KYUEM threw me a rope, giving me a chance of a lifetime, and I have not stopped climbing since.

Yayasan UEM Scholarship Programmes are now open for application until 25 June 2021. For both overseas and local undergraduate programmes, the scholarship covers academic expenses including tuition and examination fees, medical and life insurance, laptop, subsistence allowance and allocation for books as well as study-related equipment (for non-business students). As for the Professional Qualification programme, Yayasan UEM will cover all costs related to ICAEW or CAANZ (registration, tuition, and exam fees) as well as application for visa and work permit. As it is a work-study programme, successful holders of the scholarship will receive a basic salary provided by the charted accounting firm. Don’t let an opportunity of a lifetime slip through your fingers, find out if you’re eligible for the scholarship at Yayasan UEM.

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