The Booming of Aviation Industry: Tackling Manpower Demand

Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 26, 2024, 03:15 pm

Year 2024 signals a stronger-than-anticipated aviation industry performance, boosted by significant industry development and expansion. Industry experts forecasted consistent air traffic growth, both locally and globally. Malaysian industry experts, similarly, forecasted that Malaysia will see a surge in all aspects of the industry. Excitingly, Malaysia has remained in the top 5 industry players in ASEAN, largely credited to Kuala Lumpur International Airport ranking 3rd amongst the major airports in ASEAN. 

The public’s role is to understand the noticeable changes of the industry. We should no longer be influenced by post-covid stigma of bleak future in aviation industry. The whole world was affected, no one was spared. However, it should also be noted that the world is gradually recovering from the repercussion. Our shared responsibility now, is in ensuring the industry successful growth. With collective effort, we would be able to reap the fruits of our labour, which will be even sweeter after the privations. Year 2024 has definitely seen some success stories. Malaysia Airlines has recorded a RM766 million profit, its first profit after a decade. Singapore Airlines recorded a S$2.67 billion profit, rewarding its staff with 8-month salary bonus.

A strong recovery emphasizes the strong needs by the Malaysian industry.  It is time for us to work together, to ensure Malaysia is fully- equipped with skilled and trained aviation personnel. There is a demand for skilled manpower, as illustrated in job vacancy advertisements. We should no longer be influenced by irrelevant view that working in the aviation industry brings us nowhere. It brings us everywhere. The aviation industry opens up a whole set of new possibilities: on ground and up in the sky. It is rewarding: handsome salary, travelling opportunity, exclusive working culture and good character building. 

Training institutions must play a pivotal role in training potential personnel with necessary skills, knowledge and attitude. The aviation industry demands individuals who are competent in aircraft maintenance, aviation management and airline operation. This is where Admal Aviation College meets the above demands, demonstrated by industry’s recruitment of Admal graduates and trainees. Admal Aviation College is approved training organization for CAAM Part 66 Licensed Aircraft Engineer for Cat B1.1 Aeroplane Turbine, Cat B2 Avionics and Cat A1 Aircraft Maintenance. Admal is also the accredited training institution for Diploma in Aviation Business (DAB), Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (DAMTECH) & Diploma in Aviation Management with Private Pilot Licensing (DAMPPL). Not only that, Admal offers Aircraft Ground Handling Technician (AGHT), Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) & Cabin Crew and Airline Services (CCAS). Admal is ready to embark with you in your aviation journey as intake is opened throughout the year.

It is time for experienced personnel to help train the young ones, and the young ones to seize the opportunity to learn from the industry experts.

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