The 3 most outdated studying techniques

Published by on Sep 11, 2015, 04:27 pm

According to a Time report, although these are common practices in schools, studies show they offer no benefit beyond simply reading the text.

1. Re-reading notes

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The trouble with this technique is more enhanced when you don't understand what you are reading and end up memorizing things that end up not being useful.

2. Highlighting notes

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Some research indicates that highlighting can get in the way of learning; because it draws attention to individual facts and may slow the process of making connections and drawing inferences.

3. Summarizing notes

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Summarizing, or writing down the main points contained in a text, can be helpful for those who are skilled at it, but there are far better ways to spend your study time.

So what IS the best study method?

Taking practice tests

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Research shows that the mere act of calling information to mind strengthens that knowledge and aids in future retrieval.

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