Technology is the Future, Don’t Miss Out!

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 22, 2021, 01:05 pm

So, we’ve just finished secondary school. When you envision the future, what do you see? Some might say automatic cars, a cure for cancer, or even vacations in space! Me? I see a technological heaven; a world in which everything has a digital form, where hard labor is replaced by automation.

Digital is the future.

So what is digital? Many of us are more familiar with the term Information Technology (IT), a subject that focuses on the studies of computer systems. Digital is similar to that. It is the connection between the computer world and the real world, and that can come in handy.

Take me as an example. An enthusiastic reader and writer, you would think that my life revolves around the fresh smell of a newly bought book, or the blots of ink I would leave on my papers. But no, the papers become screens and the pencils become keyboards.

In the past, I took a Design and Technology class where we designed and created objects and furniture. Once again, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume long hours of hard labor — filing, cutting, drawing — in order to achieve an imperfect end product. But in reality, most of my designs were done digitally. Experimented and tried on in a digital simulator (to ensure that it is perfect) before finally being printed out with a 3D printer.

Perfection and acceleration can be found in digitization.

The future truly is here. Driving licenses will soon become useless as automatic cars emerge. Robots are starting to perform surgeries with results better than even a world class surgeon. Tired of cooking? 3D print your food! Isn’t it amazing how technology is developing?

In a world where machines are replacing more and more hard labor and high-skilled professions, hiring for artificial intelligence specialists increased by 74% over the last four years. By 2025, it is predicted that automation and AI will have replaced over 85 million jobs! Wouldn’t that mean that technology is bad? After all, they are causing unemployment and old skills such as accounting may not even be relevant anymore. Wrong. Digital technology, such as AI, will also create 97 million new jobs. The difference is, every single job created by new technology will require digital knowledge. Therefore, you absolutely need to have digital technology knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) if you want to have an edge over other people.

So let’s lay out the facts here: most (if not all) occupations and subjects can and will be digitized; by 2025, 8 out of 10 new jobs will involve some sort of digital skills; 20% of global GDP comes from the digital economy. The world is trending towards a technological future and it is screaming at you to do a digital course for Pre-U and Degree!

I’m hoping to become a digital professional or entrepreneur, and I find that the Professional Digital Program at UTMSPACE is the most suitable for me. Their curriculum is industry-based, and the lecturers and mentors will be industry experts themselves! I prefer hands-on learning -- their practical-based assignment, projects, and personal mentorship will be very helpful. What I find the most impressive is their 1u3i degree, which means I will have 3-years of guaranteed job placement and start gaining real industry experience from the 2nd year of degree!

For Pre-U, you can choose between Information Technology and Digital Business. For Degree, you can choose between Software Engineering and Digital Business. I feel secure that I will be graduating with 3-years work experience and equipped with digital competencies, which is highly demanded by a lot of companies nowadays. Check out more information about them here!

To my fellow secondary school graduates, regardless of what you wish to do or where you wish to go, let’s make sure we immerse ourselves in the digital world. Learn coding, try building a website! To make it big in the future, we need to go digital.

Technology is the Future, let’s prepare for it!

~ Written by SC, 19 years old

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