Taylor’s College takes it up a notch with its ACCA Foundation in Accounting programme

Published by Afterschool.my on Mar 14, 2023, 04:07 pm

Becoming an accountant is a highly stable career choice, given the role of tracking all company finances and serving as the backbone for all sorts of businesses. The industry also presents promising opportunities for career professions such as corporate financial consultancy, audit and finance management. 

For this reason, many Malaysians favour accountancy as their chosen profession. However, this results in accountancy becoming a highly competitive field where it can be difficult to find job opportunities. 

Taylor’s College offers high-school graduates an accelerated pathway to an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification, one of the premier methods for accounting hopefuls eager to stand out amongst their peers.

An ACCA certification allows you to become globally recognised as a capable accountant, opening opportunities to build successful careers both locally and overseas.

This pathway is known as the ACCA Foundation in Accounting (ACCA FIA), a year-long entry-level programme where students take their first step towards becoming competent accountants with an attentive and flexible mentality. 

Obtaining an ACCA FIA qualification also provides exemptions for certain subjects later in your path towards a full-fledged ACCA certification, such as from the Applied Knowledge Module.

If you are concerned about lacking prior accounting experience, the ACCA FIA curriculum is designed to guide students through basic accounting principles from the ground up.

Taylor’s College welcomes students of all academic backgrounds to hone their accounting skills with its capable lecturers and inclusive learning environment.

Your chance to be educated by accounting titans

Taylor’s students consistently achieve top national and global awards, nurtured by our dedicated educators with decades of industry experience. Draw on their teaching expertise to excel as a versatile professional when you join the supportive learning community at Taylor’s College, established in 1969.

In alignment with coaching students beyond the textbooks, Taylor’s College is currently offering the ACCA Titans Package that provides additional tools for eager accounting students to gain an edge over their peers.

The package includes up to 100% tuition fee waiver, as well as complimentary book resources and an additional upskill course. This offer is available for a limited time only, so this is the best opportunity to get a head start towards a successful accounting career.

A Taylor-made curriculum for industry standards

The Taylor’s College ACCA FIA curriculum covers essential accounting subjects such as Management Information and Managing Costs and Finances that ensure students are well-prepared to ace their ACCA examinations.

The programme also includes subjects such as creative and critical thinking skills alongside usual accounting subjects, providing you with crucial skills that distinguish you from other general accounting graduates.

This results in versatile graduates who wield a formidable understanding of accountancy principles, complemented by soft skills necessary to navigate real-world obstacles and find innovative solutions upon entering the workplace.

Taylor’s College is also home to experienced lecturers who are dedicated to developing the next generation of talented accountants. ACCA FIA students can expect to pick up tricks of the trade from senior lecturers Mr Yap Siew Wai, Mr Garrett Kwong Wing Chong and Ms Katharene Expedit who possess decades of both teaching and industrial experience.

The university also celebrates younger lecturers such as Ms Vaishnavi Vanisha Ganisen, who provides unique insight into the modern accounting world with her experience as an auditor in a Big Four audit firm.

Between capable tutors and a comprehensive curriculum, Taylor’s College is well-equipped to prepare you for a smooth transition into pursuing a full-fledged ACCA certification.

An inclusive and uplifting community

While many people view accounting as an industry filled with tedious work, accountants regularly find themselves in situations where they make use of concepts beyond the balance sheets. 

Recognising there is a demand for adaptable graduates, Taylor’s learning community of staff, alumni, and industry partners are committed to elevating your personal and professional growth under the Taylor’sphere™.

In Taylor’sphere, you enjoy a collaborative learning ecosystem alongside their peers. This includes opportunities to develop multifaceted soft skills and a broad network of like-minded peers that will prove invaluable as you climb up the corporate ladder.

Students are encouraged to cultivate three types of intelligence: intellect, creativity and practical wisdom. In support of this goal, the university incorporates complementary life skill modules into its curriculum such as the aforementioned critical and creative thinking units.

Support services and mentoring programmes such as the BizPod, Camp of Leaders, and Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace are also available to help you hone your creativity and bring their ideas to life.

It is thanks to these support systems that you, as a Taylor’s graduate, will be prepared to excel in the workplace with bright, innovative and collaborative skills that makes you stand out to employers. 

Take that bold first step with Taylor’s College today

Intakes for Taylor’s ACCA FIA are available in April and July. For more information about the ACCA Titans Package and ACCA FIA programme offered at Taylor’s College, click here

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