TARCians Cheered the Best

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 28, 2022, 12:23 pm

TAR UMT’s Cheerleading Squad ‘Puzzle’ had all the right pieces to dazzle the judges at the Cheer Out Loud 2022 and went on to win the Champion title in the University Coed Level 3 Team Cheer category. Cheer Out Loud is an annual competition organised by the Cheerleading Association & Register of Malaysia (CHARM) and this year’s competition was held from 19 – 20 November 2022. 

The cheerleading squad of 20 energetic and vibrant TARCians performed one minute of cheer and chant followed by a two-minute breathtaking routine that won the hearts of those in attendance and the winner’s trophy. 

Team Puzzle of TAR UMT cheerfully showing off their medals and trophy after being announced the Champion in the University Coed Level 3 Team Cheer category of Cheer Out Loud 2022. 

Chuah Hui Qian, President of Puzzle, shared a bit more about the squad’s experience in the competition. “Besides aiming to win, we took part in this competition to further strengthen the dynamics and teamwork in our squad. The challenge of a big team is getting all members to attend rehearsals. A lot of coordination and communication were involved to tackle this challenge. It was very challenging because, as the President, I at times had to make tough decisions for the team. But looking back, the experience has taught me how to negotiate effectively and trained me to view from the other members’ perspectives. These helped me a lot in making the decisions for the team,” Hui Qian shared. 

The competition was also a great platform for members of Puzzle to not only compete with other teams but also network and build new friendships. 

“A total of 50 teams of 700 cheerleaders were at the competition and we were thrilled to interact, compete and learn from each other. The whole atmosphere of the competition was like a festive carnival, this is why cheerleading is such an energetic and inspiring activity. The team and I are grateful that TAR UMT is very supportive towards students’ character development and building their skills. Besides providing great spaces on campus for us to have our rehearsals, the University also paid for our registration fee for the competition. That was a great boost to our morale and motivated us to do our best in representing TAR UMT in the competition,” she added.

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