Studying in the US: Where to start?

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Planning to study in the US can be a daunting task.malaysiakini_study_in_US_afterschoolWith more than 4000 institutions to choose from, the common application’s invasive questions to complete and degrees you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams; students and parents alike often find themselves overwhelmed and under-informed.

USAPPS is a non-profit organisation run by Malaysian students for Malaysian students which conducts annual workshops around Malaysia with the aim of informing students and parents about the US education system, and is back for the year 2016.

With separate workshops for students and parents, USAPPS is your one stop (work)shop for understanding the American education system.

You also get the chance to speak to the multitude of Malaysian students who have already spent the past few years studying in the US.

We spoke to Yi Jet, an ex-participant and current facilitator of USAPPS:

How did USAPPS help you when you were applying?

USAPPS showed me that there are so many more options out there. Each school has its own specific culture which can help students have a better experience in college.

USAPPS also expanded my network tremendously, I now have friends in a lot of states and I could easily travel and have them host me.

Why should a Malaysian student/parent consider a US education?

Here in the commonwealth, we are trained to study in schools, but the U.S. education system makes students learn in schools. That's the main difference.

College in the U.S. is very different. You are not being taught how something works, but rather why is it working in this particular manner.

It challenges you to think and not just follow blindly on any given curriculum.

Grading is different too. It does not test how well you know the syllabus or how good your memory is, but your grade is rather reflected upon your effort.

I remember that I was struggling in an honors class, because my professor is a Philosophy and English graduate and has a very strict marking criteria.

My paper never scored higher than a B-. I was worried for my grades so I decided to go to his office to talk about it.

He told me that my ideas and participation in classes were great, but my writing skills just did not meet his expectations.

He told me not to worry about my grades and keep participating in class, I was awarded an A- in the end.

You will not get such a feat in Malaysia.

Why are you returning as a facilitator/organiser?

This is my second time coming in as a facilitator. I absolutely loved my first experience as a facilitator.

I met many good friends and had a blast helping students, who were in my position not too long ago, achieve their dreams in studying in the U.S.

A participant who was in my group gained admission to U.C.L.A.. It is indescribable how happy that made me feel.

Anything else to add?

I would just like to say that USAPPS will be conducting school visits to various colleges and secondary school in the Klang Valley area.

USAPPS volunteers will be visiting schools and colleges like Taylor's College, Sunway University, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, Wesley Methodist High School, etc. Parents and students alike should attend these visits if they are interested.

When and where are this year’s workshops?malaysiakini_study_in_US_adbox_afterschool

Sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/mKbh1YSwjQEBf7qw2

P/S: Parents and Teachers can sign up at the door for FREE!

Find out more at www.usapps.org


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