Step-by-Step Guide: How to Switch Universities or Courses at Public Universities

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We will be sharing samples of request letters to students who were disappointed they did not get the course they wanted or want to change universities. But before we do so, we would like to remind you that your application might not be 100% approved and you would still need to register with the university you are offered to study in, before you take this step. Only with these criteria you will be eligible to make that change:

  1. Empty slots for courses you wish to switch to
  2. Reasonable excuses such as chronic pain, etc.
  3. Fulfill the requirements set by the university
  4. Faculty dean considers your request letter

 There is still hope! But be prepared if things do not work out the way you expected. Besides, isn’t the course you are offered now, the one you chose in the first place? As painful as it may be, guess we have to accept the consequences of our decisions. 

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Step 1: Register at the Current University

This step is important to show that you are enrolled in the current university. Refusing to register shows that you are rejecting their offer and your place will be filled by another student. It means your name is not in the reference list. Besides, how are you going to switch universities / courses if you were not registered with one in the first place?


Step 2: Draft a Request Letter

  1. Request Letter to Switch Universities and Courses
  2. Request Letter to Switch Universities in the Same Course
  3. Supporting Documents by Parents, Assemblyman, JKKK, ADUN, etc.

 Step 3: Prepare All Necessary Documents

  1. Academic certificates
  2. Co-curriculum certificates
  3. Other supporting documents such as medical reports, etc. 

Academic Certificates

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We would also like to remind you that each university has different procedures to apply. Therefore, if the university requests for a letter, you may use the ones we have prepared for you. However, if you are requested to fill up the form given by the university, you should use that to apply. Handing in the documents listed above will increase your chances to succeed in your application. 

Step 4: Hand It In

Once you have finished writing the letter, send it by hand or post it to the university. Wait for their feedback and stay updated by contacting the university once a while. 


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Step 5: Submit Your New Offer Letter

If the university has approved your request, you may bring a copy of the new offer letter to the original university and follow their procedures. Usually students will be asked to fill up a form to terminate their studies and attach it together with the new offer letter.  And that’s it! You can now study at your chosen university. That wasn’t very difficult was it? Actually, it was, but you will have to go through the tedious process to study at the place and course you love.

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Good luck! 

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