Speechless: KYUEM Graduate Got Into Her Dream University to Study Engineering

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney.

This famous quote is accurate in every sense of the word and is evident in Lim Qi Shean’s remarkable achievement. The KYUEM student who has dreamt of studying at the University of Cambridge since she was 15 recently obtained a conditional offer from the said prestigious university.

The youngest of 3 siblings, Qi Shean, has always been fascinated by the marvels of engineering.

When asked how she felt upon realizing she would soon be walking down the halls and learning in the classroom where Stephen Hawking, Arianna Huffington, and Prince Charles of Wales once did, Qi Shean was understandably “speechless”. 

Growing up in a family of doctors, everyone was convinced that Qi Shean would pursue a career in medicine. However, her passion had always lied in engineering.

“Since I was young, I was amazed by how things work and the mechanisms behind the machinery,” Qi Shean says. “As I grew up, I learned engineering plays an important role in making the world safer and more efficient. I find them impressive!”

The youngest of three siblings, Qi Shean studied in SJK (C) Yoke Nam from Standard 1 to 5 before transferring to SJK (C) Lai Ming to complete her UPSR. She pursued her secondary education in Wesley Methodist School KL (International) but took  IGCSE as a private candidate, in which she scored 7A* 1A.

The KL teen is aware that outstanding grades alone aren't enough these days, as many academically gifted students fail to get into top universities due to stiff competition. So to make her dream a reality, she completed her A-Levels at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM). Fast forward to today, she couldn't be more grateful as KYUEM played a starring role in helping her secure a conditional offer from Cambridge.   

“KYUEM provided me with the ideal platform to fulfil my dream!” Qi Shean says.

A-Levels In KYUEM

Set in Lembah Beringin, about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, the resort-style campus has been a premier residential college specializing in pre-university education since 1998. The classes at KYUEM run at a 11:1 student-teacher ratio to ensure sessions run smoothly and for each student to thrive in their learning. 

Qi Shean sees KYUEM as the ideal stepping stone to Cambridge, and thus, she has been maximizing her time there which is evident by her excellent academic achievements. 

“I’m taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics in my A-Levels,” Qi Shean says. “I got an A* for Mathematics, while for Physics and Chemistry, I received UMS marks of 99 (A) and 97 (A), respectively. They will be brought forward to my A-levels, which I will be sitting in May 2022.”

KYUEM has a robust system that nurtures students with a holistic education, meaning students don’t just learn in the classroom. Instead, they gain the right set of skills and knowledge, mentality, and invaluable experience to prepare them for their future. 

“The teachers are very knowledgeable and dedicated. They give us extra classes to enhance our knowledge on the topics we are learning, and they are very responsive to our questions on that specific topic. They also have monthly tracking tests to ensure the students are constantly improving in their respective subjects,” Qi Shean says.

Besides academics, KYUEM also emphasizes soft and life skills development to mould students to be independent. With a wide range of extra-curricular activities available at KYUEM, students have every opportunity to move out of their comfort zone and hone their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Qi Shean provides donations to a food bank.

Qi Shean shares, “I was the President of the Engineering Society in KYUEM. Throughout the semester, my committee members and I had the opportunity to get in touch with academicians like Professor Dr. Fabian Kung Wai Lee and Dr. Tan Wooi Haw. I learned how to best present my ideas and have a better perspective in this field. Using all this knowledge, we successfully organized a talk on Robotics and AI, about engineering.”

Applying to University of Cambridge

When it comes to applying to university, it's a long and complicated process. For Qi Shean, it was challenging as she had to do her revision while allocating time to prepare for the university's interviews and admission tests. Yet, despite the intense pressure, she didn't crumble. Instead, she was inspired by watching her seniors in KYUEM who got accepted into prestigious universities.

“Thanks to KYUEM’s strong alumni network, I managed to get some seniors' contacts to seek their guidance and advice. They were accommodating and even arranged video conferences to conduct mock interviews with me. Plus, they shared their experiences in the application process and some tips on Cambridge Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA),” Qi Shean says.

At the same time, the KYUEM’s university relations team (UR) ensured its students, including Qi Shean, received adequate support in their university application process. 

The UR team arranged several webinars and mock interviews to guide us through the UCAS application. I’m thankful to Puan Kas, the Head of University Relations who played an important role in my Cambridge application, and her genuine encouragement towards all of us applying to prestigious universities,” Qi Shean says.

With the aid of KYUEM’s UR team and her seniors, Qi Shean successfully aced her interview, even though she admitted she was very nervous.

Qi Shean’s Future Aspiration

Qi Shean is grateful to KYUEM for helping her realize her dream.

For Qi Shean, getting into Cambridge is just the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She is excited about being able to pursue her passion in a prestigious university and thus, is determined to learn more about engineering at Cambridge so that one day, she can contribute to the world of engineering and the general public. 

At the same time, Qi Shean is also looking forward to the small group supervision held in Cambridge, similar to the one conducted in KYUEM. 

“I am very excited to have discussions and feedback sessions on my work with the academics and my fellow coursemates. It’s a great opportunity for me to explore more in Engineering and learn from others,” Qi Shean says. 

The mantra of ‘the learning process is more important than the outcome’ has been embedded in Qi Shean from her time in KYUEM. It has enabled Qi Shean to soar to greater heights to the extent she is about to pursue her passion in Cambridge. When asked if she had any advice for students who wish to follow in her footsteps, the KYUEM graduate urged, “Don’t just limit yourself to textbooks and syllabus. Instead, always stay curious.”

As evident in Qi Shean’s achievement, the above advice is the best way to learn and grow.

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