Selangor State Education Loan 2020

Published by on Jul 01, 2020, 10:48 am

The Selangor State Education Loan is a non-interest-free loan financing for Selangor children pursuing full-time studies at the Certificate, Diploma or a Bachelor's Degree at public and private institutions of higher learning in the country.

General Criteria Birth

  • Applicant was born in Selangor; Or
  • Mother or father born in Selangor; Or
  • The applicant has been a resident for more than five (5) years in the State of Selangor with the approval from the ADUN / Penghulu / Chairman of the JKKK / Village Head.

Level of Study

  • Applicants have been offered a place to pursue a FULL TIME course
  • Distant learning (PJJ) / off campus (PLK) / A Level / O Level / professional / student certificates of Vocational Colleges throughout the country are not eligible to apply)


  • Only applicants who have NOT RECEIVED any other sponsorship are eligible to apply. Students who have received sponsorship (loans / scholarships) for example PTPTN, PSD, MARA and so on are NOT ELIGIBLE TO APPLY with the exception of medical courses.


  • Only panel-backed applicants and achieving the minimum stated score will be offered a loan.
  • The offer decision will be announced within 2-3 weeks after the completion of the interview.

Interview / Decision Check

  • Announcement of an interview and offer made through TKWBNS official portal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check from time to time.
  • The Secretariat shall not be liable for any problems arising from the failure of the applicant to make its own review.

Recipient Quota

  • Quota of 1,500 borrowers only per year.
  • The average number of applications received is 6,000 applicants per year.

Selection criteria

  • Fill and upload all application documents into the COMPLETE system.
  • Fulfill all eligible requirements.
  • Attend interviews and get support panel interviews.
  • Reaching the minimum score of the total merit is taken into account.
  • The application that fulfills all the Eligibility Requirements Applying NO loan is offered.

Click here to view the detailed academic requirements, coverage, and how to apply.

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