Apply to UKM Directly Without Using UPU : A Second Chance At Attending A Public University

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 09, 2017, 12:27 pm

Rejection always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, and many a student may feel their stomachs churn digesting negative results from UPU that came out on July 31. Sadly, not even their stomach acids could hope to nullify the feeling of numbness, a side effect of being rejected by the university you dreamed of attending, or from a course you felt was your destiny. But what if we told you that you could still attend a public university, despite the blow you’ve just been dealt? What if we told you there was a second option that you could opt for, that would allow you to join a prestigious public university that placed 12th in the world on QS’ Top 50 under 50 university rankings. If you haven’t already guessed by now, the institution in question is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and the second chance is the return of one of their most popular programmes, the UKM International Bachelor Degree Programme.

A Second Chance

UKM's International Bachelor Degree Program attracted incredible attention when it was launched for both local and international students in 2017. One year on and the programme is back and bigger than ever. Before going down the rabbit hole however, do you know the differences between the UKM International Bachelor Degree Program & the courses offered by UPU? There aren't many, with students being in the same class and graduating with the same degree. In short, this new programme finds itself as a beacon of hope for students, one that does not require the arduous process of applying via UPU, and one that seemingly has, and whisper it quietly, and added advantage over it’s more domesticated sibling course. Some MUST KNOW details of this course include: 

  • Students have a chance to join the Summer Programme or Student Exchange Programme for a month at several overseas universities that have established educational ties with UKM, located in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Mexico, Germany and the United States. 
  • Lower entry requirements compared that placed by UKM for applications through the UPU. 
  • The courses are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), similar to those offered during UPU
  • All courses offered in line with current and future industry demands
  • Entry in September 2018 will be the same as applicants who got in via UPU. 
  • Students can apply for PPBU, PTPTN or other external study loans. 

This year sees 45 courses across 12 faculties being offered to students, a huge jump from the 27 offered in 2017. The list can be found below. Oh, and don't worry, popular courses like medicine, engineering and dentistry are all there! 


 For STPM /Matrikulasi / Asasi / Diploma students, please click here to view the detailed requirements for EVERY course offered. 

For international students, please click here to view the various requirements. 

How To Apply

To apply to any of UKM's International Bachelor Degree Programmes, please click here.

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