Save on Your UK Education: 2 Years in Malaysia, 1 Year in the UK

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 28, 2023, 03:40 pm

Previously, we covered the full cost of studying in the UK, and your cheapest option to get a UK degree, which is by getting a dual degree programme right here in Malaysia. 

Those two options aside; what if you want to save up your money, but STILL get some experience studying in the UK? Besides, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, getting to experience studying while you’re still a young adventurous spirit. 

There is another alternative available to you if you don't mind spending a little bit more cash and doesn't cost as much as fully funding your studies in the UK abroad.

Introducing the (2+1) dual degree programme, which allows you to study in Malaysia for two years before completing the remaining year of your coursework in the UK. After completing this programme, you will be eligible to receive two certificates: one from a prestigious UK university and one from a private Malaysian university, allowing you to graduate in the UK.

Tuition Fees 

One of the private universities in Malaysia that offers a dual degree programme, is none other than Asia Pacific University (APU)

The total cost of a dual award programme for 2 years in APU is RM58,300. During year 3, the cost of the programme is £14,000 or RM75,000, which brings you to a total of RM133,300 for your tuition fees.

Refer to the diagram below.

Cost of Living 

Studying in two places means that you would have to calculate the cost of studying in Malaysia separately from your time in the UK later on.

You can find out the complete breakdown of the total cost of living as a student in Malaysia here. 

The cost of living as a private university student is around RM18,000 per year. Since we’re calculating for 2 years, you can expect that your cost of living in Malaysia for the dual degree programme will be around RM36,000 in total. Note that the budget can vary depending on where you study and your lifestyle, so it can be significantly lower or higher.

So, how about the cost of studying in the UK for 1 year? 

This is how much you’ll be spending as a student who lives in the UK.

Studying for 1 year in the UK will cost you around £13,500, which equates to RM72,900. 

To total it up, your expected cost of living for the (2+1) dual degree programme is RM36,000 + RM72,900 = RM108,900.

Additional Expenses 

The additional expenses that you must include if you study in the UK are a student visa, healthcare surcharge, and campus activities altogether. 

As of February 2023, the current visa application fee for a Tier 4 (General) student visa is £348. This is for students who are taking up a course longer than 6 months. 

students may need to pay a healthcare surcharge as part of their visa application, which gives them access to the UK's National Health Service (NHS) during their studies. The healthcare surcharge is currently set at £470 per year for most students. The healthcare surcharge gives students access to the UK's National Health Service (NHS) during their studies, which provides free or low-cost medical treatment to UK residents.

If you have any additional medical needs that require more attention, you may apply for healthcare insurance which may cost you more than the current cost.

We also can’t leave out the cost of joining clubs and activities for you as a student, to make sure that you’ll get the full university experience! You should be prepared to pay anywhere between £5 and £30 per academic year, based on the club and the university, for participation in some activities and clubs. If you want to join several clubs or participate in campus events that might cost more money, be safe and set aside about £50 annually.

Overall, the additional costs of studying in the UK for your 3rd year would be around  £868, or RM4,690 (rounded-off). 

Total Cost Breakdown

The total cost of the (2+1) dual degree programme can be seen in the diagram below:

In summary, we can see that the total overall cost of taking the (2+1) dual degree programme is RM246,890.

You can save around RM316,990 compared to studying for a degree fully in the UK. 

On top of that, you get to graduate in the UK and even continue your career journey straight on afterwards! Aslam who originates from Sri Lanka, shares his experience studying in Malaysia and working in the UK: 

Now that the costs are settled; have you decided which programme you want to study?

Find out which course will secure your future career in the next years (high in-demand fields!)

We hope this breakdown will help you decide whether taking a (2+1) dual degree programme is the right choice for you! 

Interested in studying a dual degree programme in Malaysia? You can reach out to our counsellors to ease your application process! Just click on the button below to chat with us:

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