Reasons Why You Should Study at MMU

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 06, 2023, 10:16 am

Visit us at https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake and be part of MMU because MMU is You, Leading the Digital Future. 

Here are some excellent reasons why MMU is the best choice for you to continue your education.

Affordable: applications have no processing fee, and foundation tuition is now only RM6,000 for local students (except for Law foundation).

Academic: MMU provides a comprehensive higher education ecosystem that enables you to be fore front as the Digital Generation of Digital Malaysia

Revolution: MMU empowers its students for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. This enables students to develop future proof skills and a trend-setter mentality.

Extensive Network: MMU initiates networking and linkages with external stakeholders for its students international mobility experiences.

Industry on campus: MMU provides you access to the state-of-the-art labs established through industry collaborations.

First-class Graduates: MMU is YOU, Leading the Digital Future.

Check out these videos:-

Excellent reasons why MMU is the best choice for you

Here's how you can be the digital leaders of tomorrow

Check out the domain of studies in MMU. School of Business https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/business

School of Engineering https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/engineering School of IT & Computer Science https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/ict School of Creative Multimedia https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/creative 

School of Applied Communication https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/comm School of Law https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/law Let us be your first step towards a successful future! 

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