Reasons Why SPM/Equivalent Graduates Fail in UPU Online Appeal Application

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 24, 2021, 04:38 pm

Many people may still wonder why some applicants fail in the UPU online application even though they have met the eligibility requirements set by the university. The exact reason for the applicant's failure in the application, including the UPU ONLINE appeal application, may be seen in the image released by UPU online.

Berjaya vs Gagal

Among the reasons as seen in the image include not clicking on the submit button, not fulfilling the minimum requirements, applying for a competitive programme outside your field/stream, failing in the interview and low merit marks. 

For your information,  UPU online only handles students' application process but what determines the students’ success in the application is entirely up to the university they had applied for. 

For example, if you are from the science stream but you had applied for a course in the arts field, you are most likely to fail in the application as priority is given to those who were in the arts stream. Reason is because those in science stream often perform better academically and prioritizing science stream students will only jeopardize the art stream students’ opportunities to further their education, especially since they have limited choice of studies compared to science stream students. This ensures that the selection is made fairly and equitably. 

In the UPU ONLINE appeal application, only 4 study programmes can be selected based on your qualifications and seats available. Suppose you still fail in the appeal application, there is no more phase 2 appeal. However, for STPM/Equivalent graduates, there will be 2 phases of appeal. For those of you who had failed in the UPU online application and the appeal application, check out the different alternatives available so you could still further your higher education.

Among the different alternatives you can consider include applying to a private university. There are many private universities offering similar quality study programmes, some even better than public universities. Not only do they provide quality study programmes, the programmes offered are also recognized and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). 

Most importantly, the eligibility requirements for admission to private universities are also not as high as those set by public universities. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements for admission to the private university and maintain a CGPA pointer of 3.00 and above throughout your studies, you are good to go. 

If tuition fees are a huge concern to you, especially since it can be expensive, there are many scholarship options and financial aidsavailable. Private universities also offer internal scholarships and discounts to support their students. 

For example, if you are not offered a scholarship but you managed to secure a PTPTN loan, don't worry, the PTPTN loan will be converted into a scholarship if you successfully graduate with first class even if you continue your studies at a private university no matter how expensive the cost of your study is. Check out our PTPTN Guide and how you can qualify for a PTPTN loan repayment exemption.

Want further advice? You can schedule a personalized 20 minutes FREE counselling with Afterschool Expert Counsellors. Our counsellors will help you make the right choice according to your financial ability, interests and job prospects. 

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